Paris Climate Conference: A Sideshow To More Frightening Use Of False IPCC Climate Science

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Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

President Obama used the Paris Climate Conference to advance his legacy: an agreement was mandatory no matter the truth or the cost. As a result, the final agreement was meaningless because to get everybody to sign it was made unenforceable. All signatories were willing to agree because they are all politicians playing their own game; not what is right or best for the people. This objective was acceptable to the main drivers outside of the actual political arena. They were using climate change to impose their socialist goal of punishing and weakening capitalism and redistributing their wealth, which they claim was obtained at the expense of the developing nations. Avowed communist and anti-capitalist Naomi Klein attending Paris as a member of Pope Francis delegation saw the political opportunities in climate change.

She herself admits that, as she began to take the problem of climate change…

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