Desperate Climate Alarmists Attack Skeptics

“Meanwhile, as satellites show no statistical warming for nearly two decades despite rising CO2 levels while overheated climate models have gone berserk…”

With inconvenient “science” and data wrecking the global warming theory, it’s no wonder climate alarmists have resorted to silencing the truth tellers, no matter how nefarious or brazen.

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The only way for the alarmists not to lose is for them to silence the truthtellers

Larry-Bell_avatar-80x80By Larry Bell ~

President Obama wasted no crises on the occasion of the UN’s climate fear-fest earlier this month. Associating murderers of 129 people there two just weeks previously with agents of man-made global warming Armageddon, he observed that by fostering “dangerous” ideologies, climate change “in some ways is akin to the problem of terrorism and ISIL.”

He even hailed the conference as “a powerful rebuke of terrorists.”

bulliesThese dangerous culprits presumably include all who challenge the existence of any rational scientific basis for climate hysteria . . . along with disbelievers of pixie dust premises that planetary salvation demands replacing affordable, abundant, and reliable fossil energy with costly, puny, and intermittent windmills and sunbeams.

Even if the climate hadn’t warmed over 19 years prior to the run-up to that conference, feverish rhetoric…

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