US Democrat – John Rodgers Slams the Great Wind Power Fraud & Wind Industry Corruption


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Vermont Democrat Announces “Wind Turbines Do Not Belong In Vermont, Period:”
Pierre Gosselin
13 December 2015The online Vermont news site Vermont Digger here presents a commentary by Vermont state Senator John Rodgers who represents my childhood home county of Orleans, and Essex county as well.

vermont Lowell-Wind-Park

Photo: Industrializing Vermont’s idyllic landscape. Cropped from video by Green Mountain Power Corp.

Senator Rodgers has had it with industrial wind energy ruining his state’s environment, announcing:

“I will join with the growing number of Vermonters who have concluded that industrial wind turbines do not belong in Vermont, period.”

As a consequence, in 2016 Rodgers plans to introduce a bill that would ban industrial wind turbines, sending them the way of the billboard. Rodgers position illustrates the rapidly growing resistance to industrial wind parks erected on Vermont’s idyllic Green Mountains.

“Devastating” impact

Recently nearby wind-parks in Sheffield and Lowell have driven the…

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