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One thing revealed by the recent US Senate hearing was the importance of the two basic arguments forming the alarmist position:

1. “Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.” (Obama tweet)

2. “There are multiple lines of evidence that show the climate system is changing.” (Dept. of the Environment, Australia)

These two zingers must be met by equally brief, pointed replies.

97% Agreement

I concede that most climate scientists think there is a problem, but 97% of all scientists is an exaggeration.

The first claim of 97% came from a survey sample of 79 climate scientists who said “Yes” to 2 statements: “It has warmed since 1850.”; “Human activity has contributed to the warming.” That survey questionnaire was deliberately not sent to those known to be skeptical: scientists not employed by government or universities; geologists; solar physicists; meteorologists.

More inclusive surveys with more pointed questions…

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Wanton Criminal Destruction: Wind Developers Killing Birds & Destroying Forest Habitats

If Greens love nature, why aren’t they more concerned about carpeting unspoilt, pristine landscapes, avian habitat/migratory roots and fragile ecosystems with industrial wind turbines?

And why aren’t the ‘compassionate’ Left, who push the wind scam, thanks to brilliantly crafted ‘global warming’ alarmist campaigns, more concerned about the massive wealth transfer from poor and middle class consumers and taxpayers to those nasty “1%” billionaires and corporations who are raking in still more billions?

Where’s the outrage from the tree-hugging ‘greenies’?

Unreliable energy – wind and solar, has nothing to do with environmentalism or “saving the planet”, rather it has been hijacked by faux-green, vote grabbing politicians and rent-seeking crony corporatists.



Remember all that guff about wind power being ‘clean’, ‘green’ and like a big cuddly toy, hugging a welcoming environment right back?

This is the crowd that tells us that carpeting the planet with bat-chomping, bird slicing, blade-chucking, pyrotechnic, sonic-torture devices is all for the ‘greater good’: despite these things – as a wholly weather dependent power source – being incapable of producing power on demand; and, therefore, of ever being able to provide a product with any commercial value, save the massive subsidies it attracts.

The trail of human misery is easily justified by the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers – thousands driven into penury with worthless, uninhabitable homes are simply regarded as ‘road-kill’.

So our feathered friends are clearly batting against the odds, too.

Rule 1: whichever of God’s creatures you might be, NEVER, EVER stand between a wind weasel and a mountain…

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