NOAA US Temperature Fraud

Thanks for another great year of excellent work and in particular getting some serious runs on the board in exposing the NOAA / NASA et al fraud.
Was chuffed for you and your efforts, watching Ted’s senate hearing ‘dogma over data’ and seeing your graphs used and logged as evidence!
Your tireless work makes such a difference and keeps a lot of people sane, confident and happy for our future, amongst so much climate insanity and fraud that abounds.

Wishing you and fam a safe and happy Xmas and a brilliant new year!


Real Science

Future President Ted Cruz recently held a Senate hearing on climate which featured the two graphs below showing the various stages of NOAA’s vandalism of the US temperature record.


The graph on the left was published by NOAA around 1999, and shows about 0.5F data tampering, which flatlined after 1990. All of the adjustments were upwards at that time.


ts.ushcn_anom25_diffs_urb-raw_pg.gif (650×502)

I generated the equivalent graph for 2015, which now shows about 1.5F data tampering – three times as much as they did in 1999. All of the pre-2000 adjustments are now downwards (previously were upwards) indicating that these hacks are simply making it up as they go – and not doing any actual science.


Reported : ushcn.tavg.latest.FLs.52j.tar.gz
Measured : ushcn.tavg.latest.raw.tar.gz

Next graph shows the 1999 and 2015 versions overlain at the same scale, and normalized to 1910-1920. There has been massive additional tampering, and the post-1990 flatline is now a hockey stick.

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Finland: Wind Turbine Study Proves Infrasound Causing a Raft of Serious Health Problems

The crazed rush to “save the planet” from a non-problem, with unreliable and ungreen energy, administered by sanctimonious politicians and green carpet baggers out to boast who’s ‘greener’ than who, is now causing untold damage to people’s lives, destroying pristine environments and decimating avian life and their habitats.

Ahhh the sickening, yet wholly predictable, irony.

And to think for every industrial wind turbine that is erected, a (predominantly) fossil fuel powered backup station needs to be built in support to provide reliable 24/7 baseload power when the wind don’t blow!

What an insane and devastating joke the entire ‘green’ energy revolution has become.

We will look back at this time of collective eco-insanity and wonder what on earth were we (they) thinking.


wind-turbine-and-house-in-Finland No fun for Finns either …


Health problems in Finland caused by infrasound from wind turbine
4 December 2015
Source: National Wind Watch
  Tuulivoima-kansalaisyhdistys ry
From the English press release:

Tuulivoima-kansalaisyhdistys (TV-KY) ry – the National Association of Citizens Against Giant Windmills – has recently released an extensive report on the infrasound emissions from wind turbines and their impact on people’s health.

The wind turbines being built in close proximity to residential areas in Finland are the biggest in Europe. Their rotating blades generate low frequency noise and infrasound, i.e. frequent and continuous air pressure pulses that can travel for very long distances.

Low frequency noise refers to frequencies between 20-200 Hz that are audible to the human ear, and infrasound refers to frequencies between 0.1-20 Hz that can’t be picked up by the human ear.

Wind power companies, as well as some researchers, have…

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Belgian Professor Calls COP21 “A Resounding Failure”


By Paul Homewood


From No Tricks Zone:

The Belgian online Le Peuple here interviewed István Marko, Professor of Chemistry at the UCL, and a so-called climate non-alarmist, on what he thought of the results of the highly ballyhooed Paris COP21 climate summit and agreement.

His assessment is devastating. He calls the COP21 agreement a “grand illusion“, a “resounding failure” and one of “wishful thinking” on the part of the rich countries. He calls the 2.0°C warming target “unrealistic” – never mind the 1.5°C warming target, which in the interview he called “laughable“.

Markó calls the COP21 agreement an “obvious failure” because there is no mechanism forcing the signatory countries to do what they just ‘promise’. “Nothing is binding.”

Markó says the rich countries have engaged in “wishful thinking“.

When it comes to the $100 billion in annual payments to developing countries, “nothing in the 10 pages of the…

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Claim: Climate Change is Endangering Crocodiles

Australia is making plans to cull the population of crocs in the Kimberley’s due to the population having tripled over the past 30 years.

So, going by the ‘warming = croc decline’ theory, does that mean northern Aus has been cooling over the past 30 years?! Happy happy joy joy – planet saved!

Sarcastic stupid analogy, though just as stupid as this latest ‘climate change’ tagged study out of yet another global-warming-causes-everything, CO2 obsessed university study.

Publish or perish is the name of the game and if “climate change” doesn’t preface your study, you aint publishing nothing.

What a ‘croc’ of sh*t. (Apologise for profanity, but it was begging for it.)

Watts Up With That?

Sarcosuchus Imperator, which lived in the much warmer Cretaceous Age, author Arthur Weasley, source Wikimedia. Artist’s impression of the Gigantic Sarcosuchus Imperator, which lived in the much warmer Cretaceous Period. Artist Arthur Weasley, source Wikimedia.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A study by University of Queensland Professor Craig Franklin claims that crocodiles may be endangered by global warming.

According to the Press Release;

Professor Craig Franklin of the UQ School of Biological Sciences said saltwater crocodiles exposed to long-term elevated water temperature spent less time submerged once water temperature exceeded 31.5 degrees Celsius.

“We thought that crocodiles – like many animals – would adjust to temperature changes so life continues,” he said.

“However, we were surprised to find they had little capacity to compensate for water temperature changes and seemed to be hard-wired to operate at certain temperatures.

“We are not sure what this means, but it’s likely that if the water is too hot, crocodiles might move to cooler regions, or will seek…

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January, 1858 Adelaide Heatwave Was 11 Degrees Warmer Than The 2014 Mann-Made Heatwave

“In January, 1858 Adelaide had nine consecutive days over 100F, topping out at 116”

Such historical temperature data, is like kryptonite to the warmist ABC, who are today running hot on Adelaide’s 4th consecutive day over 40C, claiming this is a new “record”, as confirmed by the BoM, who’s temp record conveniently begins in 1910, wiping out the extreme heat of the late 1800’s. Extreme heat that led to the Federation Drought – 1895-1902.

Real Science

In January, 1858 Adelaide had nine consecutive days over 100F, topping out at 116.3.

ScreenHunter_1976 Jan. 17 22.41


The graph below compares that to the “record heatwave” during the last nine days in Adelaide. The 1858 heatwave averaged 11 degrees warmer, with every day of the heatwave hotter than the corresponding day this year.  CO2 was 280 PPM at the time.

ScreenHunter_1983 Jan. 18 06.43

Weather History for Adelaide, Australia | Weather Underground

h/t to Ivan for finding the 1858 information

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Adelaide December 1932 : Seven Consecutive Days Over 40 Degrees


Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, trumpeted by the global warming alarmist ABC, are claiming Adelaide’s projected 4 day heatwave, will break a record.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Matt Collopy said that “four days greater than a record of 40C in Adelaide has never happened in December since records began in 1887”.

However in 1932, Adelaide endured 7 consecutive days with the mercury rising beyond 100F (104F = 40C).

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at , December 19, 6.31.49 AM



ADELAIDE, Dec. 31. — Today was the seventh consecutive day in which the temperature went over the century. The maximum today was 103.4 degrees (40 degrees C). Seven days with the thermometer over 100 degrees is easily a record for December but is two days short of the record for months other than December; for in January ,1858, and again in February and March, 1872, there were nine days in succession in which the glass recorded the century. The “weather man” said to-day that he expected the conditions to get worse before they got better.


Carbon Dioxide “Carbon Pollution” concentration at the time was 310 parts per million. CO2 levels today are around 400ppm.


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