The Arctic Surge

ARCTIC ice “Growth will slow down rapidly now, because there aren’t a lot of places left for the ice to grow.”

Watch that factual, evidence based statement of Arctic sea-ice health and dramatic growth twisted into some “death spiral” prognostication when/if it does begin to ‘slow down’!

One way or another, warming alarmists will never mention this current dramatic sea ice growth, growth that’s occurred against all AGW predictions, because government climate activist scientists and their media sycophants will do anything to protect their funding, jobs and reputations.

We know this is true because the dramatic rebound of Arctic sea ice that has occurred over the past 5+ years is never mentioned anywhere in the global warming sympathetic press: CNN, BBC, ABC, NPR, SMH, AGE, NYtimes etc etc. A constant, planned and deliberate bias by omission that would make Pravda blush.

Real Science

Over the past month, there has been a large surge in Arctic ice growth, leading to the largest extent for the date since at least 2004. This went on all through #COP21 – where tens of thousands of criminals met in an effort to steal your money, freedom and energy security.

2015-12-18-05-51-38Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Green below shows ice growth since mid-November.


Growth will slow down rapidly now, because there aren’t a lot of places left for the ice to grow.

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New Study Shows NOAA Overestimate US Warming By 50%

After all the “homogenisation”, infilling, fraudulent adjustments by NOAA, that are currently being investigated by Congress, now this paper shows a 50% overestimation of temps?!

Yet, they take no shame in marketing “The Hottest Year Ever” meme, which is an apparent rise from the previous record of 0.01C ! That’s some fine-line data tampering!


By Paul Homewood


A new paper has been published showing that bad siting of temperature stations has resulted in NOAA overestimating US warming trends by about 50% since 1979.

The study by Anthony Watts, Evan Jones, John Nielson-Gammon and John Christy has carefully identified a subset of 410 USHCN stations, that have not been moved, had equipment changes, or changes in time of observations, and thus require no “adjustments” to their temperature record to account for these problems. From within this subset, the trend for high quality sites has been compared with the rest.

The Press Release gives the details:

SAN FRANCISO, CA – A new study about the surface temperature record presented at the 2015 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union suggests that the 30-year trend of temperatures for the Continental United States (CONUS) since 1979 are about two thirds as strong as officially NOAA temperature trends.

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NOAA Is Getting Bolder And Bolder With Their Climate Fraud

“Why doesn’t peer-review catch these blatant errors?”

Further merit to the term “pal-review” which has sadly become common-speak in reference to the corrupt world of anthropogenic climate science.

Real Science

Check out yesterday’s mind-blowing peer-reviewed Arctic fraud from NOAA’s chief scientist – Rick Spinrad

2015-12-15-23-07-10Arctic air temperatures highest since 1900, global report shows – Telegraph

The US weather Bureau reported exactly the same thing in 1922. Seals disappearing and fish being forced northwards. However, in 1922 the reported warming was much larger than 2.3 degrees.

In 1947, scientists reported 10 degrees Arctic warming, much more than the 2.3 degrees reported by Rick Spinrad.


Glaciers were disappearing from Alaska to Norway.

2015-12-13-05-24-2218 Feb 1952 – POLAR ICE THAW INCREASING GLACIERS SAID TO [?] M…

The sea ice maximum occurred at the end of March, not February 25 as Spinrad claimed, and extent is the highest since at least 2004, not the “lowest on record

2015-12-16-02-07-42Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Satellites show that recent Arctic temperatures peaked…

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