The Cost of Wind Power: Killing Jobs and Crushing Families – SA’s Biggest Smelter Under Threat with 750 Jobs at Risk

It is simply astonishing that such an intermittent, unreliable and expensive form of energy is promoted and subsidised so massively to merely “save the planet” – and it cannot and will not ever achieve that, even if you truly believe the planet needs “saving”.

All hail Gaia! And to hell with industry, houselholds, families, the poor, their jobs, economic growth and prosperity.

We are truly living in a green bubble of eco-insanity.


nyrstar port pirie Nyrstar’s Pt Pirie Smelter: 750 jobs threatened
by SA’s ridiculous wind power ‘policy’


To call what South Australia’s Labor government has ‘gifted’ their constituents an energy ‘policy’, is to flatter it as involving some kind of genuine ‘design’. It’s an economic debacle, pure and simple.

The current mess started under former Premier, Mike Rann –  a former spin-doctor, whose relatives lined up at the wind power subsidy trough from the get-go.

Under its current vapid leader, Jay Weatherill, SA’s Labor government has been talking up a wind powered future for months now; swanning off to Labor’s fantasy world, where the wind blows and the sun shines 24 x 365; and the power is, of course, totally “free” – with his claims that SA can ‘enjoy’ more than 50% of its power from the sun and the wind, with just a little (more) government “help”.

Back in ‘harsh reality land’…

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