Gavin Needs To Transition Out Of Obama Fraud Mode

Great work Tony (and Steve!).
Your efforts prove what a profound difference a laptop, persistence, facts, data and an incessant quest for the truth can do to change public opinion by making those in the highest offices in the land take note, thus helping to expose the most scandalous fraud in human history – CO2-induced dangerous climate change.

Importantly, your work has also exposed the environmental activist bureaucrat scientists and their Govt. agencies who propagate and feed off the scam, attaining fame and fortune along their merry way:
– NASA (Jim Hansen, Gavin Schmidt)
– NOAA (Tom Karl)
– NCDC (Tom Peterson)
– CRU (Phil Jones)
– MET Office (Julia Slingo)
– Bureau of Meteorology (AU)
– UN IPCC activist climate scientist ratbags, and pretty much every other government affiliated environmental climate groupthink agency, worldwide.
– And not to forget the groupthink mainstream activist media who have made the scam survive and thrive: CNN, BBC, ABC, NYTimes, NatGeo, TiME, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, etc etc.

You Tony, and the many other sceptical independents out there, are actually the real ones helping to “Save the planet” by saving us from them.

Nice work.

Real Science

The next president of the United States has apparently been reading my discussion of data tampering by NASA and NOAA.


I have been documenting how NASA, NOAA and CRU are creating a completely fraudulent hockey stick of warming – by cooling measured pre-1960 temperatures, warming post-1960 Northern Hemisphere temperatures, and ignoring satellite data which actually measure troposphere temperatures where the greenhouse effect occurs.


Let’s take a closer look at that. Before data tampering, Gavin shows that the 1930’s were the warmest decade at the capital of Iceland.

ReykjavikV2Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

But after data tampering, the 1930’s warmth disappears.

ReykjavikV3Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

This overlay shows how NOAA and NASA have butchered the data to make the 1930’s warmth disappear.


Same story at the capital of Greenland.

2015-12-15-05-02-38Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis
Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

Same story with US temperatures. In 1999, NASA showed that US temperatures…

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The Cost of Wind Power: Killing Jobs and Crushing Families – SA’s Biggest Smelter Under Threat with 750 Jobs at Risk

It is simply astonishing that such an intermittent, unreliable and expensive form of energy is promoted and subsidised so massively to merely “save the planet” – and it cannot and will not ever achieve that, even if you truly believe the planet needs “saving”.

All hail Gaia! And to hell with industry, houselholds, families, the poor, their jobs, economic growth and prosperity.

We are truly living in a green bubble of eco-insanity.


nyrstar port pirie Nyrstar’s Pt Pirie Smelter: 750 jobs threatened
by SA’s ridiculous wind power ‘policy’


To call what South Australia’s Labor government has ‘gifted’ their constituents an energy ‘policy’, is to flatter it as involving some kind of genuine ‘design’. It’s an economic debacle, pure and simple.

The current mess started under former Premier, Mike Rann –  a former spin-doctor, whose relatives lined up at the wind power subsidy trough from the get-go.

Under its current vapid leader, Jay Weatherill, SA’s Labor government has been talking up a wind powered future for months now; swanning off to Labor’s fantasy world, where the wind blows and the sun shines 24 x 365; and the power is, of course, totally “free” – with his claims that SA can ‘enjoy’ more than 50% of its power from the sun and the wind, with just a little (more) government “help”.

Back in ‘harsh reality land’…

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Gavin’s admission about the satellite record versus the surface temperature record

Translation : Gavin’s GISS temp land-based data set measures “different parts of the system [UHI effected parking lots, asphalt heat sinks, AC exhaust air vents], different signal to noise ratio [we bias toward warm stations], different structural uncertainty [we ‘homogenise’ the data set to cool the past and warm the present to fit the global warming narrative].”

Watts Up With That?

This has to be the Twitter conversation of the year, in the “hottest year ever”.

Kudos to this guy for getting this from Gavin.


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Aussie Carbon Pricing is Back

I have been a rusted-on Liberal Party voter my entire life, with family members holding various administrative positions within the party over many decades.

Outside of family ties, my support for the Liberal party has always been based on its conservative policies and views.

With the knifing of Tony Abbott, a true statesman and representative of those trusted conservative Liberal party values, by Malcolm Turnbull, a man whose ideals and views are best described as of the extreme left, the Liberal Party has now 100% lost my vote.

It is by no means an exaggeration to comment that the Australian Labor Party (the Left-Wing opposition) is in my mind now a more conservative opposition to the Turnbull led Libs! Or perhaps just, ‘better the devil you know’.

As a condition of support for Turnbull toppling Abbott, he promised the conservative arm of the Lib/Nat coalition that he would not lurch to the left on climate.

He lied. And he will pay dearly, just like every other leader or opposition leader who has swallowed the great global warming scare and force-fed economy destroying climate policies to the wised-up Australian public.

Watts Up With That?

Aussie Environment Minister Greg Hunt, author Commonwealth of Australia, source Wikimedia Aussie Environment Minister Greg Hunt, author Commonwealth of Australia, source Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Remember back when Australian voters thought they were electing a government which was committed to abolishing carbon taxes? The following are the words of Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt, who under former Prime Minister Tony Abbott vigorously opposed carbon pricing;

Environment Minister Greg Hunt says he will likely allow the purchase of international carbon credits despite backbench anger over the weekend’s Paris climate agreement.

We have to set in place a mechanism to allow us [reach new targets], in particular to look at the question of international units and I expect we probably will take on board international units and that will give us the flexibility as we head into 2020 to re-pledge if needed,” Mr Hunt said.

The Australian Industry Group, which has been calling for Australia to allow the…

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