Comrades In LaLa Land

No doubt comrade Harrabin and co are also unaware that the most ideologically aggressive ‘green’ nation in the world, Germany, is undergoing the biggest expansion of coal-fired power generation in her history!

As is Japan and obviously China and India.

Regarding Germany and Japan. Their massive expansion of coal-fired power is what the eco-nuts get when they force the shut down of ‘CO2-free’ nuclear power out of knee-jerk eco-hysteria and misguided alarmism.


By Paul Homewood

Away in LaLa Land, Comrade Harrabin and co think that we will soon be able to do away with those nasty fossil fuels.

Back in the real world, we know that fossil fuels account for 87% of all energy consumption.


Not only that. Consumption of fossil fuels has been steadily rising for years.


But surely renewable energy is growing so fast that it will soon overtake all other sources?



Perhaps the BBC could give the Good Comrade a job with the Teletubbies!

All figures from the BP Energy Review 2015

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The Paris Agreement Is Based On Fraudulent Data

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell, 1984

Real Science

The Paris agreement is based on fraudulent temperature graphs, like this one from CRU which shows more than 1C warming in the Northern Hemisphere over the last century.


HadCRUT4.png (630×728)

Compare that to this National Geographic graph from 1976, based on National Academy of Sciences and NOAA temperatures. It showed no net warming from 1890 to 1976, and a sharp decline after 1940 “halfway back to the chill of the Little Ice Age”


National Geographic : 1976 Nov, Page 614

The next graph overlays the two at the same scale. Note how the right side of the graph lines up very well, but government climate criminals posing as scientists knocked half a degree off pre-1960 temperatures, and erased the post-1940 cooling.


Phil Jones is in charge of this data at CRU, and Climategate E-mails show that he and other government climate scientists conspired to remove “the 1940’s blip”


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CRU Temperature Record Is Complete Garbage

Real Science

CRU shows almost 1.5C land warming in the Northern Hemisphere, with nearly 1C warming since the 1930’s.

2015-12-11-23-39-26HadCRUT4.png (630×728)

However a composite of 1976 NOAA/National Academy Of Sciences temperatures (taken from National Geographic in 1976) with current UAH V6 temperatures shows that the Northern Hemisphere is not much warmer now than it was in the 1930’s.

2015-12-13-04-42-01National Geographic : 1976 Nov, Page 614


The next image overlays the CRU graph on the previous graph, and shows how the past has been cooled and the present warmed, to make the fake hockey stick of warming.


So how do I know that the CRU data is garbage? Because glaciers don’t lie. The 1976 National Geographic article described “abnormal warmth that prevailed in the first half of the century” and showed how glaciers disappeared during that time. CRU has made this warmth disappear.


The warming and melting ice of the was well established…

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