BHP Exec leaves Paris COP21 due to “wanted” posters

The vicious campaign of naming and shaming and acts of violence toward anyone who is not sympathetic to the climate orthodoxy is a dangerous pattern of totalitarianism and intolerance that is the go-to strategy of climate radicals when debate is no longer part of their armoury, as the science in support of so-called “climate catastrophe” weakens by the day.

The ‘wanted’ posters, coupled with the violence seen in the streets of Paris, on the opening of the UN’s latest climate boondoggle, is further proof that Left-wing ideology remains the natural home of the barbarian thug.

The violence and vicious hatred of the modern Leftist (Climate activist) exposes the sham behind such preachers of peace, tolerance and “climate justice”.

Bertrand Russell is right :
“Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power.”

A frightening thought is that these Leftist ‘ideologues’ are of the very same tribe that we are to entrust with global energy policy, and the trillions of dollars that goes with it.

Watts Up With That?

BHP Billiton Logo, public domain, source Wikimedia BHP Billiton Logo, public domain, source Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

BHP climate executive Fiona Wild has left Paris, after her face appeared on series of “Wanted” posters. BHP denies that Ms Wild left because of concerns about personal security, though the Financial Times claims that she was upset by the personal nature of the campaign.

According to the Financial Times;

The BHP Billiton executive in charge of climate change has cut short her stay at the United Nations climate talks in Paris after her face appeared on “wanted” posters plastered by environmental activists outside upmarket hotels in the French capital.

Fiona Wild, who is BHP’s vice president of environment and climate change, was one of seven people to appear in a campaign organised by green activist group Avaaz on Sunday night. Their photos appeared on more than 1000 wanted posters that described them as “climate criminals”…

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