Stormy Weather Ushered In The Little Ice Age – HH Lamb

“While the CO2 obsessed Met Office tries to blame every bit of bad weather on global warming, it is surely time for proper scientists to see what they can learn from history.”

Amen to that. However, hell will freeze over before government funded climate scientists dare challenge the groupthink climate orthodoxy with historical references that question the veracity of their ‘unprecedented’ climate change rhetoric.

What’s more, a breakaway from their groupthink pet cause would result in funding cuts, isolation and God forbid, being labelled a heretic and a “denier” of science.


By Paul Homewood

Anybody who thinks that storms around the UK have anything to do with global warming should read what HH Lamb had to say about the period around the 13th and 14thC , when the warmth of the medieval period was beginning to disappear:




Lamb also comments about the Bolton Moss Curve, which has direct relevance to the floods in the North West currently:

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Study Finds Little Change In Global Rainfall Patterns

Addendum :

Study (of climate alarmist media: CNN, BBC, ABC, NBC, CNBC, NYTimes, Wapo, SMH, The Age) Finds Catastrophic Change In Global Rainfall Patterns.


By Paul Homewood

While floods are in the news, it is worth taking a look at a paper, “Changes in annual precipitation over the Earth’s land mass excluding Antarctica from the 18th century to 2013”, published last month by Wijngaarden and Sneyd.

Its main findings were summarised:


Over 1½ million monthly precipitation totals observed at 1000 stations in 114 countries analysed.

Data record much longer than 3 recent conflicting studies that analysed a few decades of data.

No substantial difference found for stations located at northern, tropical and southern latitudes.

No substantial difference found for stations experiencing dry, moderate and wet climates.

No significant global precipitation change from 1850 to present.


Precipitation measurements made at nearly 1000 stations located in 114 countries were studied. Each station had at least 100 years of observations resulting in a dataset comprising over 1½ million monthly…

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Top Military Fraudster Admiral Titley

Real Science

Admiral Titley can’t see the pause.


He can’t see the pause, because NOAA criminals just made it disappear.


201506.gif (813×525)

201406.gif (813×525)

Then he went on to imply that taking Earth’s temperature was simple, sort of like sticking a rectal thermometer in. He forgot to mention that half of the NOAA data is fake.


201412.gif (990×765)

He also forgot to mention that satellites and balloons show the pause unequivocally.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

I give him top prize for climate fraudster of the day.

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NASA : Antarctica Cooling And Ice Growing

Real Science

NASA’s top temperature expert says Antarctic temperatures have decreased significantly.


Pubs.GISS: Abstract of Shindell and Schmidt 2004

NASA’s top ice expert says that Antarctic land ice is increasing.


NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses | NASA

NASA says that Antarctic sea ice is increasing to record levels.



Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum | NASA

Antarctica is cooling and the ice is expanding.

Scientists respond to this by saying that global warming threatens penguins.


Unhappy Feet: Global Warming Threatens Emperor Penguins

Climate science is the first fully fact-free science.

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Mark Steyn rebukes democrats in climate hearing: ‘You’re effectively enforcing a state ideology’

“The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.” – Bertrand Russell

This congressional testimony from the brilliant Mark Steyn is indeed a-must-watch.

Watts Up With That?

This is a must watch, share it widely. Mark Steyn demolishes the “science is settled” meme in the Senate hearing yesterday. His ability to argue effectively on the fly is very impressive.

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Bjørn Lomborg: Wind Power ‘Tree’ Symbolises Futility of Paris Climate Jamboree

A must read.


wind tree paris Bjørn Lomborg: wind power is just pointless symbolism.


As a baggage train of some 40,000 climate-cultists get set to jet their way home from Paris – burning up a gazillion gallons of (what they normally rail about as being atmosphere incinerating) kerosene – the fair question has to be asked: ‘and all for what?’

The belief that China and India were going to sign up to terms guaranteed to keep more than a billion people (between them) locked in permanent Stone Age poverty was pure infantile nonsense.

Pragmatist, Narendra Modi is quite right to care a whole lot less about Western anti-humanity, eco-zealots, and a whole lot more about the 300 million or so of his constituents who subsist in world of dirt-floored shanties, without so much as the hope of enjoying an affordable supply of around-the-clock electricity.

poverty india The climate-cultists are happy to keep her there …



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