More Detail On NOAA Temperature Fraud

Real Science

In 2008, NOAA correctly showed the hiatus in temperatures over the previous decade.


But this summer ahead of Paris, they made the hiatus disappear. NOAA currently reports directly to the Obama White House, so this sort of Grubering of the climate is to be expected.


A smoking gun of fraud is that the new tampered NOAA temperature data diverges from satellite temperatures at a remarkable rate. Satellites show cooling this century, while NOAA now shows a strong warming trend.


The new NOAA temperatures are diverging linearly from reality at a rate of 1.4C per century.


NOAA doesn’t actually have any temperature records from most of the land surface, so they simply make them up. Gray below is missing data.

201509 (2)


If Tom Karl was an actual scientist, he would be not only mention these fatal issues prominently in the NOAA reports, but he would be so concerned about them that he would never actually release…

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