The Height Of Temperature Folly

So much pain for so little gain.

“after spending billions of dollars and destroying valuable power plants and reducing our energy options and making us more dependent on Middle East oil, all we will do is make the air around our feet as cool as the air around our heads … I am overcome with gratitude for such a stupendous accomplishment.”

And that’s just the fallout in the US, from the UN and EPA’s draconian emission control plans to forestall supposed ‘global warming’ that already stopped nearly two decades ago.

Anthony’s passionate Tweet accompanying this post sums up the insanity:

@wattsupwiththat: Why emission reductions goals @COP21 in Paris are just f****** stupid. No, seriuosly, it’s that bad.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

In her always interesting blog, Dr. Judith Curry [and Anthony at WUWTpoints to a very well-researched article by Bjorn Lomborg, peer-reviewed, entitled “Impact of Current Climate Proposals” (full text).

He has repeated the work that Tom Wigley did for the previous IPCC report. There is a simplified climate model called “MAGICC” which is used extensively by the IPCC. It can be set up to emulate the results of any of the climate models used by the IPCC, including their average results, by merely changing the MAGICC settings. This lets us figure out how much cooling we can expect from a variety of programs that promise to reduce CO2.

The abstract of the paper says (emphasis and formatting mine):

This article investigates the temperature reduction impact of major climate policy proposals implemented by 2030, using the standard MAGICC climate model. Even optimistically…

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More Massive Fraud And Coverup From NOAA

Repeat …

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” is the political ideology of the totalitarian government of Oceania [Obama] in George Orwell’s [Tom Karl’s] dystopian novel [Gov Agency] Nineteen Eighty-Four [NOAA].

Real Science

In 2008, all of the temperature data sets showed that global warming rates over the last decade were “much less” than the prior decades.

Observations indicate that global temperature rise has slowed in the last decade (Fig. 2.8a). The  least squares trend for January  1999 to December 2008  calculated from the HadCRUT3  dataset (Brohan et al. 2006) is  +0.07±0.07°C decade – much  less than the 0.18°C decade –  recorded between 1979 and 2005 and the 0.2°C decade–1  expected in the next decade  (IPCC; Solomon et al. 2007).  This is despite a steady increase  in radiative forcing as a result  of human activities and has led  some to question climate predictions  of substantial twenty-first  century warming (Lawson 2008;  Carter 2008).

NOAA graphs showed no temperature rise after 1998.


This didn’t suit the requirements of the White House ahead of Paris, so NOAA simply inverted reality, massively tampered with the data, and announced that…

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