Private Jet Airport Hosts Paris Climate Summit

How do they expect anyone to listen to their carbon reduction message, in order to forestall their catastrophic global warming theory, when that message is being sent from a carbon belching, million dollar private jet?

The only message I’m hearing, loud and clear, is “Do as I say, not as I do.”


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December’s climate conference is being held on the grounds of Europe’s busiest private jet airport. If we were serious about fighting climate change, wouldn’t private jets have been banned long ago?

COP21_ParisLeBourget_airporhighlighted screengrab from a French government website; click for source


COP21_busiest_private_jet_airportclick for source

The 40,000 diplomats, politicians, activists, and journalists expected to attend the UN climate summit in Paris will be spending two weeks at an airport. And not just any airport. Dedicated exclusively to private jets, Paris Le Bourget is the busiest private jet hub in Europe.

Ordinary people don’t descend from the clouds and touch down on its consecrated runways. That experience is reserved for royalty, rock stars, and the conspicuously consuming super rich. Offering quick takeoffs and landings, Paris Le Bourget (akaLBG) is “the premier choice for private flights” in and out of the French capital.

Equipped with more private terminals…

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