Discovery News spreads old misinformation about W. Hudson Bay polar bears

Climate activists shriek “the science, the science” to counter any dissent to their pet cause. But when that “science” contradicts their doomsday message, they scurry for cover. Or in climate activist and self-titled “climate communicator” Katherine Hayhoe’s case, hide away from the inconvenient truth with Twitter’s block function.

Would have thought positive data on Polar Bears, based on sound “science”, would be great news. But not so for activist climate ‘scientists’ and ‘journalists’ where it is of far more importance to maintain a state of climate fear, than to tell the actual truth.

What else are you being told, or rather not being told, by those heavily invested in the climate doom industry?


In a just-released Discovery News piece, Kieran Mulvaney (4 November 2015, “In the polar bear capital, an uncertain future) repeated three misleading statements about Western Hudson Bay polar bears that keep making the rounds, despite the fact they have been laid to rest by the latest scientific reports on  (Lunn et al. 2013, 2014; Stapleton et al. 2014). I reviewed these just a few weeks ago.

Western Hudson Bay bear, Wakusp National Park, August 2011. Western Hudson Bay bear, Wakusp National Park, August 2011.

1)“Climate change is causing the bay’s ice to melt earlier and freeze later, causing bears to spend longer a shore.”

Not true. Lunn and colleagues stated explicitly that there has been no trend in either break up or freeze-up of WHB sea ice since 2001. Although there has been large variability in dates, that lack of trend that has continued to this year.

2 & 3)“As a consequence, Churchill’s polar…

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