The hilarious legacy of ‘last chances’ for climate, exposed

‘If Paris doesn’t work out, I’m sure there will be another “last chance” coming to a destination city very soon.’

Likewise if Paris ‘works out’ !

Watts Up With That?

As the Paris Climate Talk aka COP21 approaches, we get this familiar cry from The Vatican:


They say it is the ‘last effective opportunity’ to keep global warming to ‘a limit safe for humanity’.


How many times have we heard “last chance for climate” before? I’ve lost count.

Bonn 2001

A Global Warming Treaty’s Last Chance. That teetering edifice that is the Kyoto Protocol gets some emergency repair work this week as delegates from 180 countries gather in Bonn to work out problems that threaten to scuttle the deal altogether.
Time Magazine, 16 Jul 2001

Montreal 2005

In an open letter to delegates at the Montreal environmental summit, beginning today, campaigner Mark Lynas explains why action on climate change can no longer be stalled.

“I’m scared. For 15 years I’ve watched international progress on climate change get slower and slower, even while the pace of global warming seems to…

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Leading questions on the Paris climate treaty

In this age of collective climate change insanity, it is so utterly refreshing to read the sane, rational, informative and forensically researched writing of Paul Driessen.

This post certainly no exception. On the button.

Watts Up With That?

We should lead from behind – instead of with brains in our behinds – on this new Treaty of Paris

Guest essay by Paul Driessen

What an unpalatable irony. The 1783 Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War and created the United States. The 2015 Treaty of Paris could end what’s left of our democratic USA – and complete the “fundamental transformation” that the Obama Administration intends to impose by executive fiat.

Meanwhile, as a prelude to Paris, October 24 marked a full ten yearssince a category 3-5 hurricane last hit the United States. (Hurricane Wilma in 2005; Sandy hit as a Category 2.) That’s a record dating back at least to 1900. It’s also the first time since 1914 that no hurricanes formed anywhere in the Western Atlantic, Caribbean Sea or Gulf of Mexico through September 22 of any calendar year.

Global temperatures haven’t risen in 18 years…

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Private Jet Airport Hosts Paris Climate Summit

How do they expect anyone to listen to their carbon reduction message, in order to forestall their catastrophic global warming theory, when that message is being sent from a carbon belching, million dollar private jet?

The only message I’m hearing, loud and clear, is “Do as I say, not as I do.”


Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

December’s climate conference is being held on the grounds of Europe’s busiest private jet airport. If we were serious about fighting climate change, wouldn’t private jets have been banned long ago?

COP21_ParisLeBourget_airporhighlighted screengrab from a French government website; click for source


COP21_busiest_private_jet_airportclick for source

The 40,000 diplomats, politicians, activists, and journalists expected to attend the UN climate summit in Paris will be spending two weeks at an airport. And not just any airport. Dedicated exclusively to private jets, Paris Le Bourget is the busiest private jet hub in Europe.

Ordinary people don’t descend from the clouds and touch down on its consecrated runways. That experience is reserved for royalty, rock stars, and the conspicuously consuming super rich. Offering quick takeoffs and landings, Paris Le Bourget (akaLBG) is “the premier choice for private flights” in and out of the French capital.

Equipped with more private terminals…

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Discovery News spreads old misinformation about W. Hudson Bay polar bears

Climate activists shriek “the science, the science” to counter any dissent to their pet cause. But when that “science” contradicts their doomsday message, they scurry for cover. Or in climate activist and self-titled “climate communicator” Katherine Hayhoe’s case, hide away from the inconvenient truth with Twitter’s block function.

Would have thought positive data on Polar Bears, based on sound “science”, would be great news. But not so for activist climate ‘scientists’ and ‘journalists’ where it is of far more importance to maintain a state of climate fear, than to tell the actual truth.

What else are you being told, or rather not being told, by those heavily invested in the climate doom industry?


In a just-released Discovery News piece, Kieran Mulvaney (4 November 2015, “In the polar bear capital, an uncertain future) repeated three misleading statements about Western Hudson Bay polar bears that keep making the rounds, despite the fact they have been laid to rest by the latest scientific reports on  (Lunn et al. 2013, 2014; Stapleton et al. 2014). I reviewed these just a few weeks ago.

Western Hudson Bay bear, Wakusp National Park, August 2011. Western Hudson Bay bear, Wakusp National Park, August 2011.

1)“Climate change is causing the bay’s ice to melt earlier and freeze later, causing bears to spend longer a shore.”

Not true. Lunn and colleagues stated explicitly that there has been no trend in either break up or freeze-up of WHB sea ice since 2001. Although there has been large variability in dates, that lack of trend that has continued to this year.

2 & 3)“As a consequence, Churchill’s polar…

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