Yet another study shows Antarctica gaining ice mass – snowfall accumulation ‘highest we have seen in the last 300 years’

“300 years ago” would be around the time of ‘The Little Ice Age’…..hmmm.

Modern Little Ice Age Antarctica doesn’t seem to be cooperating with NASA & NOAA’s “HOTTEST EVER DAY, MONTH, YEAR” propaganda.

Watts Up With That?

While the wailers over at Media Matters bemoan claims of “distortion” over the recent NASA press release about Antarctica gaining ice mass due to increased snowfall over the last 10,000 years,…

A new NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years ago is currently adding enough ice to the continent to outweigh the increased losses from its thinning glaciers.

…this new study jointly announced by the AGU and the BAS says that the gains in the 20th century for the West Antarctic are the “highest we have seen in the last 300 years”.


West Antarctic coastal snow accumulation rose 30 percent during 20th century, study finds

Joint Release

Liz Thomas measuring an ice core in the field. Credit: Liz Thomas

WASHINGTON, DC — Annual snow accumulation on West Antarctica’s coastal ice sheet increased dramatically during the 20th century, according to a new study published…

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