AP Poll: Americans Increasingly Unconcerned about Climate Change

Similar result in Australia, where the premier science body, and champions of the global warming scare, the CSIRO, found that the majority of Australian’s are now sceptical of man-made global warming! https://climatism.wordpress.com/2015/11/04/csiro-most-australians-are-now-global-warming-sceptics/

Props to the ever increasing climate sceptical majority for maintaining their independence of thought, reason and sense. And for not being tempted into the comfort of groupthink with yet another fashionable environmental cause, despite the relentless bombardment of fear, alarmism and lies propagated by the majority of ‘mainstream’ media.

The global warming scare is dying.

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Yet another poll has been published, which suggests that despite relentless media bombardment in the leadup to Paris, Americans are increasingly unconcerned about climate change.

According to Associated Press;

Q9. How worried, if at all, are you about global warming? [HALF SAMPLE ASKED OPTIONS IN REVERSE ORDER]

AP-NORC 10/15-18/2015AP-NORC 7/17-19/2015
Extremely/very worried NET2326
Extremely worried89
Very worried1417
Moderately worried3437
Not too/not at all worried NET3834
Not too worried2220
Not worried at all1715
Not sure43

Read more: http://surveys.ap.org/data/NORC/October_Omnibus_Topline_FINAL_EARLYRELEASE.pdf

Climate alarmists frequently invent bizarre conspiracy theories about why they are losing the climate debate, but in my opinion they simply aren’t facing up to the truth. If alarmists want to understand who has sown the most doubt about the urgency of the climate issue, they need…

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