Unprecedented Growth Of Arctic Ice Continues

With record Artcic sea ice growth and record cold in the region, It’s little wonder cherry-picking Climate change alarmists have gone cold on the arctic.

On the road to Paris, they are going with the trumped-up “Hottest year ever” card. Along with the usual ‘modelled’ dire forecasts of famine, drought, flooding, exteme this or that…..

What a joke this entire climate fiasco has become. Made more insane in that 39 years ago, the same dire predictions were forecast for humanity in the face of ‘global cooling’ – the exact opposite phenomenon. !?

Real Science

We are seeing unprecedented growth of Arctic ice this autumn.

After the shortest melt season on record, and the fastest growth on record, Arctic sea ice is the highest for the date since at least 2004.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Similarly, Greenland has gained a record 200 billion tons of ice since September 1. This is more than 50% above normal.



Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

The record growth of Greenland ice has been associated with record cold, approaching -60C last month in the interior of Greenland.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

NASA and NOAA criminals claim that this is the hottest year ever, but they are lying. Arctic amplification is the most fundamental tenet of global warming theory, and we are seeing the exact opposite. Satellites show that 2015 is 0.26°C cooler than 1998.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs


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