Every Event Is The Most Extreme Ever

Real Science

Climate experts now declare every weather event to be the most extreme ever, many times before they even happen. Then they blame the imaginary record event on “climate change.” That is Jeff Masters’ standard operating procedure.

But this is nothing new. Experts have suffered these same delusions for centuries.

ScreenHunter_1858 Jan. 15 22.36

10 Jan 1871 – IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. (Pall Mall Gazette.)

It is the same unscientific, superstitious attitude which has lead to witch burning and human sacrifice in the past. There is no science behind these claims, just opportunistic misinterpretation of data by people with an agenda.

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CNN : Strongest And Dangerous Storm In History Produced No Major Damage

Sombre mood over in the CNN climate crisis room. Not much to report other than trotting out “The Strogest Hurricane Ever Recordered” line, backed up with close-up imagery of broken glass, twigs and scattered litter.

L O L.

Real Science

Being a climate alarmist means never using your brain. Ever. Under any circumstances.

2015-10-24-19-45-22Hurricane Patricia weakens in Mexico; flood threat remains – CNN.com

The storm must have had that special kind of CO2 based energy which doesn’t interact with objects or do damage, unlike this much weaker storm (™CNN) which hit Galveston 115 years ago,


James Delingpole provided more of the grisly details of Patricia.

2015-10-24-19-55-35 Hurricane Patricia Was A Damp Squib

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Europe’s ‘Colossal Energy Disaster’: €5.7 trillion ‘Completely Wasted’ on Wind Power ‘Wishes’

Europe’s green energy basket case is unraveling rapidly and yet the ideological push for expensive, intermittent and ‘unreliable’ energy drives on, stoked by climate guilt, fear and billions upon billions of dollars of other-peoples-money, in the form of massive government subsidies. Handouts without which, wind, solar and other feel-good forms of renewable energy would collapse, as is happening right now in Scandinavian countries.

Green centralised planning, like central economic planning of socialist regimes gone by, has failed with truly devastating economic results…


pig-trough-ey It takes real effort to squander €5.7 trillion, but it can be done …


When the wind industry and its worshippers start chanting their mantras about the ‘wonders’ of wind, it isn’t long before they start preaching about the examples purportedly set by the Europeans; and, in particular, the Nordic nations. The latter have seen economics hit back with a vengeance; wind power investment has thoroughly collapsed:

Wind Power Investment Collapses in Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Norway

Now, Europe as a whole is counting the costs of what is a disaster on a colossal scale. Here’s NoTricksZone detailing the magnitude of the calamity. The video is in German, helpfully translated by Pierre Gosselin. Danke, Pierre.

Europe’s € 5.7 TRILLION Climate Policy Is “Very Expensive”, “Counter-Productive” And “Does Nothing For Climate” … “Completely Wasted”!
Pierre Gosselin
8 October 2015

University of Magdeburg economics professor Joachim Weimann held a presentation…

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National Geographic Exposes Their Real Agenda



A dislike of humankind.
“the streak of misanthropy in his nature”
synonyms: hatred of mankind, antisocial behaviour, cynicism, scepticism, reclusiveness.

Misanthropy is the general hatred, distrust or disdain of the human species or human nature. A misanthrope or misanthropist is someone who holds such views or feelings. The word’s origin is from the Greek words μῖσος (misos, “hatred”) and ἄνθρωπος (anthrōpos, “man, human”).
Source: Wikipedia

Real Science

National Geographic wants you to live a short miserable life in the dark. They want you dead, and are lying to you about the climate and energy to get you to go voluntarily.


Lets load them all up on their wind/solar powered airplanes, and send them overseas.


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Al Gore and the media were wrong: U.S. Major Hurricane Drought Now One Decade and Counting

Watts Up With That?

As of today, October 24th, it has been 3652 days (including leap years) or a decade (10 years) since the US has been hit by a Category 3 or greater hurricane.

The last such hurricane was Wilma on October 24th, 2005. Hurricane Wilma was the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. Each day forward will be a new record in this decade long hurricane drought period.

679px-Wilma_2005_track[1] Map plotting the track and intensity of the storm according to the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale Via Wikipedia’s article on Wilma:

Part of the record breaking 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, which included three of the six most intense Atlantic hurricanes ever (along with #4 Rita and #6 Katrina), Wilma was the twenty-second storm, thirteenth hurricane, sixth major hurricane, fourth Category 5 hurricane, and second-most destructive hurricane of the 2005 season. A tropical depression formed in the Caribbean Sea near Jamaica on…

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UN Climate Text Adds “An International Tribunal Of Climate Justice”

“countries who sign onto this agreement will be voting to expand the reach of the UN climate bureaucracy, cede national sovereignty, and create a one-way street along which billions will be redistributed from developed to poor nations…”

It is neither conspiratorial nor a stretch for the rational minded person to understand that the UN’s ‘climate’ agenda has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with global socialism (wealth redistribution) masquerading as environmentalism.

PA Pundits - International

RuckerBy Craig Rucker ~

Negotiators at the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany resurrected the “International Tribunal of Climate Justice” and inserted it into the text they are preparing for nations to agree to at the big UN summit in Paris in December.

UNFCCC-Bonn-Plenary UNFCCC-Bonn-Plenary

The draft text will allow developing nations to sit in judgment over the U.S. and its allies, but not subject those nations to the tribunal’s jurisdiction themselves.

From the October 20th UN draft text (full text available at CFACT.org):

“[An International Tribunal of Climate Justice as][A] [compliance mechanism] is hereby established to address cases of non-compliance of the commitments of developed country Parties on mitigation, adaptation, [provision of] finance, technology development and transfer [and][,] capacity-building[,] and transparency of action and support, including through the development of an indicative list of consequences, taking into account the cause, type, degree and frequency of non-compliance.”

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Jeff Masters Bait And Switch Propaganda Trick

The #RoadToParis is paved with lying, opportunistic and alarmist, climate morons, whose jobs, funding and reputations depend on deceiving the public and themselves.

Real Science

Jeff Masters pulled his usual bait and switch trick today. He put out all sorts of hysterical propaganda which immediately became part of the permanent  global warming big lie, then he backed off after the damage is done.

Five hours ago “Historic, Mind Boggling, Catastrophic”


Now “Incredibly strong”


This isn’t an accident. It is his standard recipe for plausibly deniable propaganda.

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Most Hyped Hurricane In History

Latest CNN report from a ‘realty agent’ at ground zero Mexico:

“It’s really quite refreshing with humidity down and a gentle pitter-patter of rain out in the garden. We are all happy and well…”

Surprised CNN’s ministry of truth, climate propaganda unit let such treachery go to air!

Fear not, CNN now warming of possible record rain, mudslides and the potential for “cars to drive off the road into running rivers” and “electricity polls to fall and electrocute people..”

I kid you not.

Real Science


The most dangerous storm in history is bringing 2 MPH winds to Manzanillo.


Calm winds and surfing in Puerto Vallarta


Watch Live webcams showing Mexico’s shoreline as Hurricane…

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No Record Year According To Satellites

TLT Satellite data was all the rage in the 90’s, when it was warming, now it’s scoffed at (by AGW alarmists).


By Paul Homewood





With September numbers now out, satellite data shows that global temperatures this year are going to finish well below both 1998 and 2010, despite very strong El Nino conditions for most of this year.



Since April, according to NOAA’s MEI , this year’s El Nino has been much stronger than anything seen in 2010. Normally we can expect a lag of between 3 and 6 months for changes in the MEI to be reflected in atmospheric temperatures, so it is probable that the latter will continue to increase through the NH winter.

It would be remarkable then if temperatures did not at least match those of 2010, but currently that is just what we are looking at.



For this year to finish above 2010, temperatures for the last three months would have to go off the page.

Of course, calendar years mean little on…

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NOAA Blows Away Their Fraud Record By A Wide Margin In September

“It [global warming] is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.”

– Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Harold Lewis, on resignation from the American Physical Society.

Not much has changed since Harold resigned from the APS in 2010.

Real Science


Lots of headlines today that September was the hottest ever – by a wide margin. The level of fraud which NOAA had to use to obtain this result (ahead of Paris) is quite stunning.

The first thing to note is the massive data tampering they did since last September. They increased the temperature of all recent years to get rid of the hiatus.

NOAASeptember2014-2015201409.gif (813×525)
201509.gif (813×525)

But that is the least of their fraud. They generated this red colored map, which does not even vaguely represent their measured data.

201509 (2)

201509.gif (990×765)

The map below shows their actual station data. They have coverage for less than 50% of the land surface, meaning that more than half of their surface temperatures in the map above are fake. Note that there are only two warm areas – the US and eastern Europe. They simply made up fake temperatures in the missing areas to paint their map…

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