“They Attribute” It To Global Warming

The worst outcome for gobal warming alarmists like Chad Blair who deal in blatant lies, to push their agenda, is being guilty of an excess of virtue.

The best outcome for people who question the blatant lies, with facts, evidence and “real science”, is to be labelled a ‘denier’.

Global warming worship displays all the hallmarks of a religious cult. A good example here.

Real Science


Literally Washing Away

The cemetery, located near Rita on the west end of Majuro, has been eroding for a decade or more, islanders say, something they attribute in part to global warming. The ocean inundations are larger and occurring with greater frequency. In Laura, on the east side of the atoll, one cemetery is reported to be already underwater.

Global Warming: The Effects of Climate Change in Micronesia

These people attribute their problems to global warming, and the author of the article is happy to push their propaganda. Chad Blair didn’t bother to check that sea level has been falling there for the past four years, and is the lowest in 17 years.

2015-10-27-04-50-23Interactive Sea Level Time Series Wizard | CU Sea Level Research Group

Chad Blair believes that building windmills in Kansas will stop the land from sinking in Micronesia.

The identical phenomenon was occurring in the Maldives two hundred years…

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Mark Kenny Falls For The “Drowning Island” Scare. And Fiona Stanley Should Step Down

Since the end of the last ice age, Pacific Island atolls have survived 130 metres of sea-level rise, but global warming alarmists like Mark Kenny think that the last 1.43mm/year since 1950 is going to sink them, therefore, compensation must be paid for by Western nations.

‘Climate change’ has nothing, at all, to do with science or the environment and everything to do with a socialist agenda to resdistribute the worlds wealth under the control of the UN and its global elites.

Out of control.

Check the actual ‘Science’ here:


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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

How often will this warmist furphy be trotted out by journalists with not the slightest interest in the facts? This time the author is Mark Kenny, hyping an anti-coal petition by 61 of the usual celebrity suspects:

Cartoon -- Global Warming LiesThe low-lying Pacific Island country of Kiribati is one of many micro-nations in danger of serious damage and even inundation from rising sea levels caused by melting polar ice and increasingly turbulent global weather.

Fact check: The truth is that most low-lying Pacific islands have been growing in size or stayed stable:

New Zealand coastal geomorphologist Paul Kench, of the University of Auckland’s School of Environment, and colleagues in Australia and Fiji, …  found that reef islands change shape and move around in response to shifting sediments, and that many of them are growing in size, not shrinking, as sea level inches upward. The implication is that many islands—especially…

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