CNN : Strongest And Dangerous Storm In History Produced No Major Damage

Sombre mood over in the CNN climate crisis room. Not much to report other than trotting out “The Strogest Hurricane Ever Recordered” line, backed up with close-up imagery of broken glass, twigs and scattered litter.

L O L.

Real Science

Being a climate alarmist means never using your brain. Ever. Under any circumstances.

2015-10-24-19-45-22Hurricane Patricia weakens in Mexico; flood threat remains –

The storm must have had that special kind of CO2 based energy which doesn’t interact with objects or do damage, unlike this much weaker storm (™CNN) which hit Galveston 115 years ago,


James Delingpole provided more of the grisly details of Patricia.

2015-10-24-19-55-35 Hurricane Patricia Was A Damp Squib

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Europe’s ‘Colossal Energy Disaster’: €5.7 trillion ‘Completely Wasted’ on Wind Power ‘Wishes’

Europe’s green energy basket case is unraveling rapidly and yet the ideological push for expensive, intermittent and ‘unreliable’ energy drives on, stoked by climate guilt, fear and billions upon billions of dollars of other-peoples-money, in the form of massive government subsidies. Handouts without which, wind, solar and other feel-good forms of renewable energy would collapse, as is happening right now in Scandinavian countries.

Green centralised planning, like central economic planning of socialist regimes gone by, has failed with truly devastating economic results…


pig-trough-ey It takes real effort to squander €5.7 trillion, but it can be done …


When the wind industry and its worshippers start chanting their mantras about the ‘wonders’ of wind, it isn’t long before they start preaching about the examples purportedly set by the Europeans; and, in particular, the Nordic nations. The latter have seen economics hit back with a vengeance; wind power investment has thoroughly collapsed:

Wind Power Investment Collapses in Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Norway

Now, Europe as a whole is counting the costs of what is a disaster on a colossal scale. Here’s NoTricksZone detailing the magnitude of the calamity. The video is in German, helpfully translated by Pierre Gosselin. Danke, Pierre.

Europe’s € 5.7 TRILLION Climate Policy Is “Very Expensive”, “Counter-Productive” And “Does Nothing For Climate” … “Completely Wasted”!
Pierre Gosselin
8 October 2015

University of Magdeburg economics professor Joachim Weimann held a presentation…

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