Why You Should Be Worried About Declining Journalism At The Washington Post

We should be worried because unpaid people like Tony Heller spend about x2 hours accessing and posting data that not only corrects misreporting of facts, but importantly, uncovers the agenda driven, ideological global warming lies that are intended to deceive/indoctrinate Wapo readers.

Real Science

The Washington Post claims that snow cover is declining in North America.

ScreenHunter_3427 Oct. 09 11.35

Why you should be worried about declining snow cover across North America – The Washington Post

Last year had the highest autumn snow cover ever recorded for North America, and winter snow cover has steadily increased as well.

namgnld_season4namgnld_season1 (1)

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Boston had one of their snowiest winters on record last year.

ScreenHunter_3428 Oct. 09 11.43

Three months earlier, the Washington Post reported on record cold in DC

ScreenHunter_3429 Oct. 09 11.45The Potomac has finally melted, but it was gorgeous in ice and snow (Photos) – The Washington Post

Just north of DC, we had near record amounts of snow last winter. Facts don’t matter to climate alarmists. They are paid to produce propaganda, not disseminate factual information.

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