If the Wind’s not Blowing – the Fans aren’t Going

Wind power is like your job – it blows in the morning and it sucks in the afternoon.

From the study:

“Wind turbines must be backed up by the equivalent capacity of conventional fossil – fired power stations, thus largely negating any fuel savings or reductions in CO2 emissions.”

So all industrial wind farms do is; destroy pristine landscapes, kill birds and bats and make rent-seeking corporatists very rich. All-the-while creating widespread energy poverty.

We certainly do live in an age of collective madness.


yacht Sails safely stowed as the wind takes another well earned break.


STT has – once or twice – pointed out the bald meteorological FACT that the wind can be safely relied on for one thing only – that, at some point, it will inevitably stop blowing.

Just when, and for how long, is the fundamental and insoluble problem with wind power.

We’ve reported on the fine efforts of Paul Miskelly to tip a bucket on the well-worn MYTH that – with fans spread far and wide across 4 Australian States (NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and SA) – the wind will always be blowing somewhere, such that wind power can be considered a substitute for on-demand power sources, like hydro. See our posts here and here and here.

Now here’s a summary of a great little study done by Derek Partington on the intermittency of wind power in the UK.

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