Record Sea Ice Growth

Real Science

Record September sea ice growth continues in the Arctic.


ScreenHunter_10591 Oct. 02 03.49

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Nobel laureate Al Gore says the Arctic is ice-free since 2014

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Rampant Sea Level Fraud In Academia And Government

Another classic example of Government sanctioned climate propaganda, and the flagrant abuse of “science” to push the man-made “global (non) warming” agenda…

Real Science

In 1982, NASA showed just over three inches (8 cm) of sea level rise from 1880 to 1980. They also showed a sharp slowdown in sea level rise rates after 1950.

ScreenHunter_2132 May. 31 12.25

Three inches isn’t very scary, so the EPA has doubled that figure, and shows six inches of sea level rise from 1880 to 1980 – with completely fake acceleration after 1950.

Trends_in_global_average_absolute_sea_level,_1870-2008_(US_EPA) (1)Trends in global average absolute sea level, 1870-2008 (US EPA) – Sea level rise

This graph overlays the two graphs at the same scale. The EPA data is political, not scientific.


Tide gauges show a slowdown in sea level rise rates, so government propaganda agencies tamper with them and now simply ignore them, instead using incredibly poor interpretations of satellite data since 1993. But even this data is being tampered with over time.

In 2004, the University of Colorado (who got beaten up by Oregon yet again…

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Spectacular White House Climate Fraud On The Great Lakes

A classic example of Government sanctioned climate propaganda, and the flagrant abuse of “science” at work, right here…

Real Science

The White House claims that Great Lakes ice is disappearing, and that US seasonal snow cover is decreasing.

Rising temperatures across the U.S. have reduced lake ice, sea ice, glaciers, and seasonal snow cover over the last few decades. In the Great Lakes, for example, total winter ice coverage has decreased by 63% since the early 1970s.

ScreenHunter_10602 Oct. 02 20.08 

Melting Ice | National Climate Assessment

In fact, there has been no change in Great Lakes ice cover, with five out of the last nine years normal or above normal cover.



IceCoverAvg1973_2015.jpg (3292×1438)

Ships were getting stuck in the ice in March.

ScreenHunter_10614 Oct. 02 22.44

Great Lakes ice cover over 88%

There was record ice cover this winter within view of Barack Obama’s window.


The Potomac has finally melted, but it was gorgeous in ice and snow (Photos) – The Washington Post

But the White House climate fraud is much worse than it seems. North…

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Gavin Doesn’t Need Any Actual Data

It’s important to create fake warming in the exact places it is actually becoming colder and more ice-abound; at the poles, in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Real Science

In the 1990 IPCC report, they showed that there was insufficient temperature data for analysis in much of the Arctic, most of the southern oceans, and all of the Antarctic.


A lack of data is no obstacle for Gavin however. He simply makes the data up.

nmaps (13)

But this fraud is much worse than it seems. The fastest warming places on Gavin’s imaginary Earth are the areas with little or no data.

nmaps (14)

Using fake data allows him to keep cooling the past and warming the present.


Gavin’s fake data massively skews temperature trends upwards, and then President Obama takes Gavin’s fake numbers on the road to assist in establishing his fake “climate” agreement.

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Claim: Culling dangerous sharks exacerbates climate change

When in doubt, or pushing an agenda, or after funding, blame “Climate Change”.

Watts Up With That?

Yipes! Great White Shark, South Australia pictures underwater photos

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

In Australia a fierce debate is raging, between people who want to reduce the rising risk of shark attack on swimmers, by culling dangerous sharks, and greens, who often give the impression that losing a few people to shark attacks every year is acceptable. Now Professor Rod Connolly has added a new argument to the debate – he claims culling sharks exacerbates climate change.

According to the Brisbane Times;

As debate over shark culling continues along Australia’s coastline, a Queensland researcher has thrown another consideration into the mix – climate change.
Gold Coast-based marine scientist Professor Rod Connolly looked at data from coastal wetlands around the world and found those with fewer predators were less effective at storing carbon.

Simplistically, this meant less greenhouse gas locked away in plants and more floating free in the atmosphere contributing to warming and climate change.

The findings…

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The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance

Thank you for your tireless and largely dollar-less efforts Tony.
Your work is an inspiration to me and I know, a multitude of truth seekers all around the globe, as evidenced by your site traffic alone.
Through your reasoned, rational and often humourous analysis of climate issues, you provide a most important and informative voice that is sadly and sorely missing in the largely progressive (regressive) mainstream media.
And importantly you represent a massive threat to Climate Crisis Inc. who waste billions of dollars of *other people’s hard-earned money* on a daily basis, pushing the greatest scientific scandal in history.
Well done, keep up the inspirational work and thank you again.
Jamie (AU expat living in Bali)

Real Science

The White House is engaged in a massive climate scam, which involves many billions of dollars and has infected the academic community. They are currently planning to attempt to silence whistleblowers, via intimidation and kangaroo court RICO prosecutions.

The last thing they would want would be whistleblowers like me (who would blow their scam wide open) on the witness stand, so it is safe to assume that whatever they are planning will involve gag orders and secret tribunals under the guise of “national security.” It would be the equivalent of the Bush administration prosecuting Iraq war dissenters.

As a preventative measure, I am posting this information now, and it will stay at the top of my blog. I would like to see it spread far and wide.

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India’s Proposed COP21 Climate Plan Will Triple Emissions By 2030

India to triple its CO2 emissions by 2030. A great percentage of this to accommodate for the massive amount of energy needed for the manufacture of ‘unrliables’ – wind and solar. Exporterd generously to the green obsessed feel-good west.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by By Paul Homewood


BERLIN: India said on Thursday that it would increase the share of clean energy in its total energy mix by as much as 40%, by the target year of 2030.
While submitting its 38-page ‘climate action plan’ to a UN body in Bonn, Germany, India added that it would fight climate change by taking the energy efficiency route and by substantially reducing its ’emission intensity’, which is measured by the amount of carbon emissions per unit of GDP.
“India’s goal is to reduce overall emission intensity and improve energy efficiency of its economy over time and at the same time protecting the vulnerable sectors of economy and segments of our society.”
The ‘Climate Action Plan’ of individual countries is called the ‘Intended Nationally Determined Contribution’ (INDC), in climate-change negotiation parlance. India met the ‘informal’ deadline of October 1, for submission of its INDC.

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