Aussie Government Climate Skeptic Purge Continues

Since Abbott’s knifing, and the appointment of warmist Turnbull, the UN has ‘opened a door’ for Australia at ‘high-level (warmist) talks’ in Paris.

More Australian taxpayers hard-earned money siphoned off to the UN, to fix a non-problem. Not to mention our rights to be signed away on the dotted line.

Will we get our money and freedoms back if the atmosphere stays in hiatus for another 18.9 years?

Watts Up With That?

Maurice Newman, Chairman Australian Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council Maurice Newman, Chairman Australian Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Guardian reports that Australia’s new climate alarmist Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, has not renewed outspoken skeptic Maurice Newman’s appointment as head of the Prime Ministers Business Advisory Council.

According to The Guardian;

… Former prime minister Tony Abbott appointed Newman as one of his first acts after winning government in 2013.

Newman has used a weekly column in the Australian to expound private views on climate change, including that the world was ill-prepared for a period of global cooling and that the United Nations was using debunked climate science to impose a new world order under its own control.

He also called for a government-funded review of the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) to “dispel suspicions of a warming bias” in its temperature record-keeping, something freedom of information documents have recently revealed was under consideration…

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Arctic Ice Rebound

Science Matters

MASIE Proves Yearly Arctic Ice Recovering

You will be hearing a lot about 2015 having the fourth lowest minimum Arctic ice extent ever recorded.

Here is what they are not telling you:

masie annuallarge

MASIE has very helpfully provided their records for the last ten years.  Since stormy weather can affect both maximum and minimum ice extents, emphasis on March and September averages can be misleading. From a climate change perspective, a better metric is the average ice extent over the entire year. By that measure we gain a realistic perspective on the last ten years of Arctic ice fluctuation.

While Arctic ice varies a lot seasonally, the graph shows that it is not that variable annually during this decade. Fluctuating about +/- 4%, there was a slightly increasing trend, particularly in the last five years.  Here are the ice extents in M km2:

YearAnnual  AverageMarch AverageSept AverageSept MinimumMarch Max

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