The Left Half Of NASA’s Temperature Fraud

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Real Science

Half of NASA temperature fraud is manufactured by cooling the past. In 1981, Hansen showed a little over 0.3C surface warming from 1880 to 1980

ScreenHunter_3126 Sep. 21 09.59

Now they show almost a full degree warming from 1880 to 1980.


Fig.A.gif (656×446)

Gavin’s team accomplished this spectacular fraud by cooling the past. The graph below overlays the two images above, normalized to the five year mean of the most recent common years.

ScreenHunter_3127 Sep. 21 10.12

The other half of their fraud is accomplished by warming recent years, which I will cover in a later post. Make no mistake about it, NASA and NOAA are engaged in the biggest fraud in science history.

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Visualizing NASA’s Spectacular Sea Level Fraud

Truly Orwellian.

Real Science

In 1983, NASA’s James Hansen showed 9 cm (3.5 inches) of sea level rise from 1880 to 1980, or 0.9 mm/year.

ScreenHunter_3121 Sep. 21 08.53

NASA now shows twice that much sea level rise from 1880 to 1980 – 1.8 mm/year

ScreenHunter_3122 Sep. 21 08.54Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Sea Level

The graph below overlays the two at the same scale, normalized to 1880. Impressive data tampering from NASA’s band of climate criminals.

ScreenHunter_3123 Sep. 21 09.01


But it is much worse than it seems. NASA now ignores tide gauge data because it shows sea level rise slowing since the 1950’s, and instead uses massively tampered satellite data to claim a sea level rise rate of 3.22 mm/year.

ScreenHunter_3124 Sep. 21 09.07

But even at their wildly fraudulent 3.22 mm/year, it will still take thousands of years to drown Manhattan, which Hansen predicted would happen between 2008 and 2018.


Stormy weather –

The level of fraud and incompetence at NASA is…

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