Shameless Data Fraud At NASA Continues

The massive and blatant adjustment of temperature data to fit the global warming narrative is surely unparalleled in any field of science in the history of existence.

Climate data fraud/tampering proves that if you are a Govt. funded body like NASA, NOAA, MET or the BoM, charged with “Saving The Planet”, you are given a free licence to lie in pursuit of your ideological belief. Any manipulation, falsehood or exaggeration you utter is simply a sign of your commitment, not of your deceit

Real Science

I’ve updated NASA’s surface temperature graphs to include their latest 2015 fraud. You can see how they have doubled 1880-1980 warming since their 1982 version, and are continuing to continuing to cool the past and add additional fraud on to all of their post 1980 temperatures, every year.


All global warming over the past 19 years is due to data tampering by criminals at government agencies, and long term warming has been more than doubled since 1982 by these same criminals.

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The latest head in the sand excuse from climate science: the global warming pause ‘never happened’

“The (18+ year) Pause” has most definitely not happened if you measure global temperature via: in-filled, homogenised, UHI effected land based station data from NASA, NOAA, BoM, MET et al.
But “The Pause” is most definitely still happening, if your data source is via more accurate satellite data, that crisscrosses the globe measuring the temperature of every square inch of the lower troposphere, the exact place where global warming is supposed to occur and be measured.
Let’s not forget, satellite temperature data was all the rage in the 90’s when it *was* warming.
Now it’s scoffed at.

Watts Up With That?

From the “fighting denial with denial” department comes this desperate ploy and press release written to snare headlines with gullible media. Meanwhile, just a couple of days ago the UK Met office said the global warming pause may continue.

Global warming ‘hiatus’ never happened, Stanford scientists say

A new study reveals that the evidence for a recent pause in the rate of global warming lacks a sound statistical basis. The finding highlights the importance of using appropriate statistical techniques and should improve confidence in climate model projections.


An apparent lull in the recent rate of global warming that has been widely accepted as fact is actually an artifact arising from faulty statistical methods, Stanford scientists say.

The study, titled “Debunking the climate hiatus” and published online this week in the journal Climatic Change, is a comprehensive…

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