This Is What NASA Temperature Fraud Looks Like

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Satellites show the world cooling this century, so the US Space Agency ignores satellite data and relies on fake surface temperatures to create the appearance of warming.

ScreenHunter_10434 Sep. 14 06.18

Their reported temperatures diverge from reality at 1.3C per century.

ScreenHunter_10433 Sep. 14 06.18

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One Comment on “This Is What NASA Temperature Fraud Looks Like”

  1. omanuel says:

    In the interest of concluding the AGW debate before the UN’s international IPCC Conference in Paris, two errors inserted in the foundations of nuclear and solar physics after WWII are concisely identified here:

    Click to access STALINS_SCIENCE.pdf

    The document was also posted on Research-Gate to allow everyone an opportunity to publicly comment on errors that may undermine the basis of the AGW position:'S_SCIENCE


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