Shortest Melt Season On Record In The Arctic

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Using DMI’s 30% concentration ice as the measure of extent, 2015 was the shortest melt season on record in the Arctic. Ice peaked around March 25, and bottomed around September 3. The melt season was abut three weeks shorter than average.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

The drop in extent during the second week in August, was due to cold winter storms breaking up ice in the Beaufort Sea. This made alarmists very happy, because it gave them a small excuse to lie about Arctic temperatures.

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Friday’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Heidi Cullen

Real Science

Heidi Cullen is engaged in her standard spectacular climate fraud today.

ScreenHunter_3040 Sep. 11 22.36

Like she always does, Heidi cherry-picked a cold year in the 1970’s to start her map.

ScreenHunter_3042 Sep. 11 22.39

But if we look at the entire US temperature record , we see that there has been no increase in autumn temperatures for 115 years, and that Heidi started her graph immediately after a large drop in temperature. Heidi is intentionally misleading her readers, and engaging in fraud.

ScreenHunter_3039 Sep. 11 22.33

But her fraud is much worse than it seems. Northern Hemisphere autumn snow cover has been steadily increasing and was at a record level last year


Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

The last three autumns have seen record snow and cold in the US.

ScreenHunter_3044 Sep. 11 22.50

ScreenHunter_3043 Sep. 11 22.49

November 2014 Shattered Cold and Snow Records For Some –

Heidi and Climate Central are hoping that her readers are stupid, have short memories, and won’t recognize that…

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The Fraud Factor Of Obama’s New Climate Agenda

Obama’s climate falsehoods and flagrant lies, designed to grab power and money – your money.

Good article here, forensically exposing Obama’s latest alarmist change change lies.

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Kreutzer_David_TDS_loBy David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~

Recently, President Obama visited Alaska to scare up support for his climate agenda. But it’s becoming clear that this agenda is not, in fact, about climate. Instead, it’s the typical Washington story of power and money—other people’s money.

Alaska provided the apparent novelty of ice that melts in the summer, which was used as a theatrical prop for the president. His photo op in front of the retreating Exit Glacier glossed over another bit of reality: The Exit Glacier started retreating more than 100 years before the start of significant man-made carbon dioxide emissions.

911obama-1250x650 (Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters/Newscom)

In a bit of bonus irony, the climate research center at the University of Alaska shows that there has been no warming trend in Alaska since 1977. In fact, the trend is slightly negative.

All this misdirection is for promoting an agenda whose most prominent part is the…

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