More Spectacular Fraud From Joe Romm

Real Science

The climate mafia now simply lies about everything.

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Labor Day weekend usually means that the U.S. is done with heat waves for the summer. But not this year.

Southern California hit well over 100 degrees Wednesday, putting it easily on its way to a heat wave — which technically means three consecutive days of 90 degrees or more. Citing expected temperatures of 102 to 108 degrees, the National Weather Service put out an “Excessive Heat Warning” Wednesday.

Utter BS. The warmest months of the year on the California coast are almost always September and October. Everyone in California knows that.

Boston, MA had its first September heat wave in 30 years on Tuesday. Attleboro, MA students returned to school with unseasonably high temperatures, as Tuesday’s high of 96 degrees broke a record for the hottest September day ever measured. Facilities unused to such temperatures during the school year made it…

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