Selling Snake Oil In Texas

Hot, cold, wet, dry, flood, drought, snow, fire, ice  … whatever, it’s all ‘global warming’. And it’s all your fault.

Real Science

Last year, climate fraudsters said global warming causes drought in Texas.

ScreenHunter_2920 Sep. 04 22.38Worse global warming effects ahead for Texas, federal report says | Dallas Morning News

This year, the same pack of criminals say that global warming makes Texas wet.

ScreenHunter_2919 Sep. 04 22.34

Global warming intensified the record floods in Texas and Oklahoma | John Abraham | Environment | The Guardian

I lived on the banks of the Brazos River in Richmond, TX during the flood of 1992. The flood was at least as bad as the fake “record breaking flood” of 2015

ScreenHunter_2921 Sep. 04 22.47

51 ft. May 2015

Floods of the Brazos River in Texas.

This is what the Brazos River looked like during the actual record-breaking flood of 1913, which according to NASA was one of the coldest years ever.

download (5)

These climate criminals have absolutely no shame about ramping up the lies and contradicting themselves with every single story they write.

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The Pause lengthens yet again

For the alarmists and hardened global warming believers out there, some pre-information on the atmospheric measurement systems used to measure the presence of ‘man-made’ CO2-induced global warming:

– RSS and UAH satellites measure the lower troposphere – the precise area of the atmosphere where “Global Warming” theory is measured. Alarmists now point to the oceans as the main component of the “Global Warming” system. They do this precisely because the atmosphere has indeed stopped warming, despite the fact that 35% of all human CO2 emissions, since 1750, have been emitted over the past 18 years, with NO atmospheric ‘Global Warming’, at all. A terrible stat for the global warming cult.

Atmospheric Scientist Dr Roy Spencer on RSS and UAH satellite temperature measurements systems:

“thermometers [GISS GHCN – NASA, NOAA, BoM] cannot measure global averages — only satellites can. The satellite instruments measure nearly every cubic kilometer – hell, every cubic inch — of the lower atmosphere on a daily basis. You can travel hundreds if not thousands of kilometers without finding a thermometer nearby.”

– The name ‘Global Warming’ was changed to ‘Climate Change’ when it became obvious the atmosphere had stopped warming. This suits the agenda nicely, as the name ‘Climate Change’ cannot be falsified. The ‘climate’ always changes. Hence, any metric can be used to prove their theory: hot, cold, wet, dry, drought, flood, fire or ice. Therefore as a ‘science’, the theory of “climate change” is a null-hypothesis. It is therefore pseudo-science.

– Lower tropospheric Satellite temperature data was all the rage in the 1990’s when it ‘was’ warming. Now it is scoffed at by the global warming clique.

– Any adult entering university/college this year, or next, would have never ever experienced any ‘Global Warming’, at all, in their entire lives.

Watts Up With That?

A new record Pause length: no warming for 18 years 8 months

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

One-third of Man’s entire influence on climate since the Industrial Revolution has occurred since January 1997. Yet for 224 months since then there has been no global warming at all (Fig. 1). With this month’s RSS temperature record, the Pause sets a new record at 18 years 8 months.


Figure 1. The least-squares linear-regression trend on the RSS satellite monthly global mean surface temperature anomaly dataset shows no global warming for 18 years 8 months since January 1997, though one-third of all anthropogenic forcings occurred during the period of the Pause.

As ever, a warning about the current el Niño. It is becoming ever more likely that the temperature increase that usually accompanies an el Niño will begin to shorten the Pause somewhat, just in time for the Paris climate summit, though a…

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