Breathtaking Climate Fraud At The NCAR Museum

Real Science

I ride my bike up to NCAR several times a day, and today I went into the museum to see what kind of climate mischief they are up to. I wasn’t disappointed.

They have this wonderful map showing midwest winter warming from 1975 to 2007.

ScreenHunter_10201 Aug. 26 16.12

So how did NCAR choose 1975 for a start point? Their 1975 graph shows why. 1975 was the end of a strong 30 year cooling trend.

ScreenHunter_10202 Aug. 26 16.20ScreenHunter_10203 Aug. 26 16.20

NCAR has since made their own 1945-1975 cooling completely disappear. Below is their current map.

ScreenHunter_10200 Aug. 26 16.12

What about the end point? Why did they choose 2007? Since 2007, midwest winter temperatures have plummeted, with record Great Lakes ice. They cherry-picked one small and totally misleading interval from 1975-2007.

ScreenHunter_10205 Aug. 26 16.32

There has been no long-term change in midwest winter temperature. NCAR’s fraudulent tactics would make Enron accountants blush.

Then they had Jerry Meehl claiming that we can “stabilize the climate” – on the 80th anniversary of the Dust Bowl…

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