Today’s Sea Level Fraud From NASA

NASA’s 3 feet rise in global sea level by the end of the century, seems rather conservative compared against ABC (Australia) science presenter Robyn Williams’ sea level rise forecast of 100 metres by 2100!

Whether the climate ‘science’ comes from alarmist HQ NASA, the White House, ABC or their respective regressive political parties, it holds true that if you are ‘Green’, you no longer have to tell the truth. Any falsehood or exaggeration you utter is just a sign of your commitment, not of your deceit.

Real Science

Check out this moronic headline in the LA Times

ScreenHunter_2767 Aug. 27 13.16

New satellite measurements from NASA suggest that ocean levels could rise by 3 feet or more globally by the end of the century. The question faced by scientists and policymakers is not whether oceans will rise, but how fast and by how much.

“People need to be prepared for sea level rise,” said Joshua Willis, an oceanographer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge. “It’s not going to stop.”

Sea levels will rise, experts warn, and ‘it’s not going to stop’ – LA Times

Of course sea level is going to rise. It has been rising for 20,000 years – most of that time faster than now. Sea level will stop rising when we enter the next ice age.

Post-Glacial_Sea_Level (1)

NOAA Tide gauges indicate that global sea level will rise about four inches by 2100, not 40 inches.

ScreenHunter_2763 Aug. 27 12.31

Sea Level Trends…

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Climate scam has dwarfed those before? No, it’s bad but the air pollution scam has caused much more harm

Something I find quite troubling is that people from our side who are all worked up about the warmer claims are ignoring the junk science that is used to create the air pollution regime of the EPA, that has just as much of a detrimental effect on the US economy.

In fact, did you know that the EPA uses theire junk science air pollution death claims to justify their Clean Power Plan? DID YOU, NO YOU DIDN’T, but that’s OK, your congressmen didn’t know either. In fact it’s hard to tell what they know about the EPA claims on air pollution death effects.

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Throwback Thursday #5 – failed global warming driven hurricane predictions 10 years after Katrina

Progressive media, CNN, BBC et al have blasted the airwaves with Katrina 10 year anniversary catastrophe footage.
On repeat, most likely in an attempt to make up for the *record* 10 year absence of any significant landfall Atlantic hurricane. This despite record rising ‘CO2’ and against all expert ‘scientific’ predictions.

A positive climate stat not mentioned anywhere by the leftist press.

Confirmation bias to push the global warming agenda is nothing new from climate change sympathetic media I guess …

Watts Up With That?

Oh the mighty media quoting the mighty scientists…have fallen flat on their face. Here’s a collection of failed predictions in the wake of Hurricane Katrina:

In 2006, CBS’s Hannah Storm Claims Katrina-like Storms Will Happen ‘All Along Our Atlantic and Gulf Coastlines.’ Just five days before Hurricane Katrina’s one year anniversary, CBS news anchor Hannah Storm featured climate alarmist Mike Tidwell on The Early Show to discuss his book, “The Ravaging Tide.” “I think the biggest lesson from Katrina a year later is that those same ingredients, you know, a city below sea level hit by a major hurricane, will be replicated by global warming all along our Atlantic and Gulf Coast lines,” Tidwell said on August 24, 2006. Tidwell then went on to claim that cities all along the coast would be underwater due to increased hurricane activity and intensity “unless we stop global warming.” In a 2009 Washington…

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More On The Breathtaking NCAR Museum Climate Fraud

Real Science

As I showed yesterday, NCAR has this map showing a huge amount of winter warming in Illinois.

ScreenHunter_10201 Aug. 26 16.12

The map is fairly precise, and 100% fraudulent at the same time. Winter temperatures in Illinois did indeed rise significantly from 1975 to 2007.

ScreenHunter_2771 Aug. 27 15.17

But the long term trend is down. They intentionally cherry picked A thirty year warming period, in order to defraud their visitors into believing that a non-existent warming phenomenon is happening in Illinois.

ScreenHunter_2772 Aug. 27 15.35

Illinois has been having very cold winters, with record amounts of ice on the Great Lakes.

Ice coverage on the Great Lakes reached 85.4 percent on Feb. 18, marking the second winter in a row that ice coverage has exceeded 80 percent. This figure has fluctuated up and down slightly since then and was at 88.8 percent as of Feb. 28. Of course, last year the Great Lakes went on to record their second highest total ice…

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Breathtaking Climate Fraud At The NCAR Museum

Real Science

I ride my bike up to NCAR several times a day, and today I went into the museum to see what kind of climate mischief they are up to. I wasn’t disappointed.

They have this wonderful map showing midwest winter warming from 1975 to 2007.

ScreenHunter_10201 Aug. 26 16.12

So how did NCAR choose 1975 for a start point? Their 1975 graph shows why. 1975 was the end of a strong 30 year cooling trend.

ScreenHunter_10202 Aug. 26 16.20ScreenHunter_10203 Aug. 26 16.20

NCAR has since made their own 1945-1975 cooling completely disappear. Below is their current map.

ScreenHunter_10200 Aug. 26 16.12

What about the end point? Why did they choose 2007? Since 2007, midwest winter temperatures have plummeted, with record Great Lakes ice. They cherry-picked one small and totally misleading interval from 1975-2007.

ScreenHunter_10205 Aug. 26 16.32

There has been no long-term change in midwest winter temperature. NCAR’s fraudulent tactics would make Enron accountants blush.

Then they had Jerry Meehl claiming that we can “stabilize the climate” – on the 80th anniversary of the Dust Bowl…

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