Climate Scientists Simply Can’t Stop Lying

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Check out this mind-blowing fraud in the New York Times


California Drought Is Made Worse by Global Warming, Scientists Say


Global warming caused by human emissions has most likely intensified the drought in California by 15 to 20 percent, scientists said on Thursday, warning that future dry spells in the state are almost certain to be worse than this one as the world continues to heat up.

Even though the findings suggest that the drought is primarily a consequence of natural climate variability, the scientists added that the likelihood of any drought becoming acute is rising because of climate change. The odds of California suffering droughts at the far end of the scale, like the current one that began in 2012, have roughly doubled over the past century, they said.

California Drought Is Made Worse by Global Warming, Scientists Say – The New…

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Carbon Credits: Just Buying Hot Air

The Climate Change “Scam” unplugged ….

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

A pretend fix to a pretend warming that’s a pretend catastrophe – and it’s a pretend fix of foreign carbon credits that Labor recommends:

CO2 Image 03The vast majority of carbon credits generated by Russia and Ukraine did not represent cuts in emissions, according to a new study.

The authors say that offsets created under a UN scheme “significantly undermined” efforts to tackle climate change….

As a result of political horse trading at UN negotiations on climate change, countries like Russia and the Ukraine were allowed to create carbon credits from activities like curbing coal waste fires, or restricting gas emissions from petroleum production.

Under the UN scheme, called Joint Implementation, they then were able to sell those credits to the European Union’s carbon market. Companies bought the offsets rather than making their own more expensive, emissions cuts.

But this study, from the Stockholm Environment Institute, says…

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