Obama’s New Energy Plan Could Cost $2.5 Trillion In Lost Economic Growth

If you understand and follow the economics of the debate, this post is spot on the mark.
Scary times we live in.
This sanctimonious Earth-worship, that has fashionably gripped the planet, will destroy a lot more than 0.0004 mole fraction CO2 ever will.

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Nick LorisBy Nicolas Loris ~

The Obama administration unveiled its climate change regulations for new and existing power plants, calling the plan “the biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change.”

It may be the most “important” from a top-down, regulatory mandate for high energy prices, but it won’t accomplish much, if anything, in terms of combating climate change.

EPA300 (Photo: JIM LO SCALZO/EPA/Newscom)

Even though electricity generation accounts for the single largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States, the estimated reduction is minuscule compared to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Climatologists estimate that the administration’s climate regulations will avert less than two hundredths of a degree Celsius by 2100.

In fact, all the plan will do is bring about higher energy bills, lost income, fewer jobs and a weaker economy – with little to no impact on the Earth’s temperature.

The role of the federal government…

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Germany gets only 3.3% of its energy consumption from wind and solar. Ignore the headlines

Carbon Counter

       “Give a man a reputation as an early riser and he can sleep til noon” – Mark Twain.

There is apparently no greater leader on climate change than Germany. Here is some evidence. This country will build almost 11 GW of new coal power plants this decade, and is in the process of licensing new lignite coal mines. It prematurely shut down 8 zero-carbon nuclear power plants in 2011, closed another one this year, and will prematurely close all remaining nuclear power plants by 2022. Germans have reassured themselves by turning from the disturbing vision of the split atom to the nostalgia of coal fires.

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Cruz Missile Could Save The U.S. From Obama’s Legacy

so they entered theory number three, climate change. Now, to any power-greedy politician, this is the perfect theory, it can never, ever, ever, be disproven, if it gets hotter, if it gets colder, if it gets wetter, if it gets drier.”
BRAVO Ted Cruz – exactly.

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

I have found a candidate to back in the race to replace Barack Obama, who has weakened America abroad and now plans to weaken its economy, too:

TedCruzSenator Ted Cruz on Sunday got perhaps the most enthusiastic applause of any Republican presidential candidate to appear before the 450 donors… with a point-blank denial of global warming….

The Texas senator, who dominated his time on stage, … went on to deliver a full-throated denial of global warming and a scathing evisceration of its proponents…

Allen asked Cruz if he is concerned by a Boston Globe story published on Saturday that suggests Republicans will pay a price in 2016 for their skepticism about climate change. Cruz’s response? “Not remotely.”

He went on to recall the 1970s panic over global cooling and a coming ice age. “The solution they proposed was massive government control of the economy, the…

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Extreme Weather is Accelerating

‘Extreme weather accelerating’ – another alarmist tactic, to scare you into belief, that is totally unsupported by evidence.

Liberty Cannon Media Group

When I debate the True Believers of Human Caused Climate change, I demand they point to one climate event that is happening beyond normal variation. The most likely response will be that we are accelerating climate events. My reply is always: Present one science reference that shows this acceleration.

They won’t because there isn’t one. The US hasn’t had a Cat 5 hurricane since Katrina in 2005. That’s 10 years now.

Experts: Hurricane activity at 45 year low, USA major hurricane drought almost a decade

Yet this hasn’t stopped the alarmists from, well, being alarmist. Time Magazine from last year:

Climate Change Could Make Hurricanes Stronger—and More Frequent
Existing research suggests that hurricanes could become stronger but less frequent thanks to climate change. But a new study says both could happen.

Kerry Emanuel, an atmospheric scientist at the Massachusetts institute of Technology (MIT) and one of the foremost…

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