Yes, why DOES John Cook of ‘SkepticalScience’ and the 97% have to use identity theft in his ‘research’?

John Cook aka “What. A. Slimeball” …. indeed!

Alarmists will stop at nothing, even now using taxpayers money to commit identity fraud!


Watts Up With That?

If it wasn’t enough that John Cook dresses himself up as a Nazi in his SkS uniform on his forum, now we have him caught in what looks to be identity theft of a well known scientist.

A WUWT reader writes via email:

I thought I might ask you for your comment on this before I rush to judge John cook.

The Reference Frame: Identity theft: the thief of Lubos_Motl turns out to be a well-known man

Specifically, I’m curious:
1) Why john would wish to post comments anywhere under any circumstances using another persons name?
2) How many other times has he done this?
3) Does he intend to do this again?
Thanks for your time.

This isn’t a brush away issue that he can ignore, as Dr. Lubos Motl found out yesterday, John Cook has been using the name of Dr. Lubos Motl to post comments that…

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