“Thing Of The Past” Strikes Australia

Why Do Warmists Want To Destroy The Landscape?

If Greens love nature, why aren’t they more concerned about carpeting unspoilt, pristine landscapes and fragile ecosystems with industrial wind turbines?

Wind Power: ‘Shredding Birds and Mincing Logic’ http://wp.me/p3Bc8A-208

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Christopher Booker on the environmental and economic vandalism of the global warming Left:

Challicum Hills Wind Power Plant near Ararat in Victoria Australia. Challicum Hills Wind Power Plant near Ararat in Victoria Australia.

When Professor David MacKay stepped down as chief scientific adviser to the Department of Energy and Climate Change last year, he produced a report comparing the environmental impact of … fracking … to … wind farms. Over 25 years, he calculated, a single “shale gas pad” covering five acres, with a drilling rig 85 feet high (only needed for less than a year), would produce as much energy as 87 giant wind turbines, covering 5.6 square miles and visible up to 20 miles away. Yet, to the greenies, the first of these, capable of producing energy whenever needed, without a penny of subsidy, is anathema; while the second, producing electricity very unreliably in return for millions of pounds in subsidies, fills them…

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Wind Power: ‘Shredding Birds and Mincing Logic’

Excellent summary of the insane, costly and environmentally destructive wind-farm scam.
What a disastrous joke.


eagle 1 Eco-fascist ‘logic’ slices to the bone.


Shredding Birds and Mincing Logic
Quadrant Online
Peter O’Brien
1 July 2015

That wind farms are ugly is the least of the problems their heavily subsidised, rent-seeking promoters are inflicting on the rest of us. Quite apart from their damage to avian populations, the very process of manufacturing them generates a vast tonnage of toxic waste.

Recently, Tony Abbott caused a stir with his entirely rational and reasonable observation that wind turbines are ugly — an opinion that further disturbed Fairfax opinion-page fixture Elizabeth Farelly, who countered that she likes ‘their whiteness and grandeur, and how they catch the morning light like so many celestial beings beamed across the landscape’.  The obvious response, once one has recovered from exposure to such fly-blown prose, is that, while beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder, the bottom-line cost of extracting volts from…

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