Australia Getting Slammed With Cold And Snow

Love it how the alarmist media; ABC, Fairfax blame Australia’s current record cold winter on this “Antarctic Polar Vortex” a la the “Polar Vortex” in the NH winter just gone (that one actually blamed on “Global Warming”!).

They use the extreme language to reassure the gullible and themselves that really cold winters are freak events, nothing to see here, and you’re all still gonna fry.

Real Science

In case you were wondering why alarmists aren’t talking about Australia any more. Temperatures are running well below normal, with lots of snow in the mountains.

ScreenHunter_227 Jul. 15 20.1310-Day Temperature Outlook

ScreenHunter_226 Jul. 15 20.06

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Climate Change Australia – Australian Labor Party Keeps Saying It’s Against The Carbon Tax It Keeps Voting For

Bill-Shock Shorten will be the next Labor leader to fall thanks to the glaring Global Warming sanctimony that is so irresistible to leaders of the deep-green Labor party.

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Labor is against a carbon tax even when it’s for it.

Environment spokesman Mark Butler, July 15:CO2 Tax

In the late part of the last Labor government … we took a decision to terminate the carbon tax and that remains very much Labor’s policy.

Labor’s policy was to terminate the tax? Then explain this vote last July:

The Senate passed the government’s amended carbon tax repeal bills by a margin of 39 votes to 32 … with only the Labor Party and the Greens opposing their passage into law.

It was the government’s third attempt to pass the repeal legislation through the upper house. 

Labor keeps saying it’s against the carbon tax, yet keeps voting for it.


Terry McCrann cuts through the Labor spin:

So, there will be a carbon tax under a government that Bill Shorten leads…

This time Labor will try to argue that…

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