1935 India Heatwave Made Roofs Catch On Fire

That year 1935 pops up again and in particular the decade of the 1930’s, where historical accounts and data relating to heat events, read more extreme than any other point in recent climate history.

Real Science

Climate experts are peddling their snake oil in India this month, claiming that a heatwave there is caused by global warming. As always, they are taking ordinary events and trying to scare people into buying their completely worthless product.

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08 Jun 1935 – HEAT WAVE Extremes in India RECORD OF 124 DEGREE…

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Climate Change Australia – Australian Labor Party, Maddened By The Warming Hoax, Plans Another Useless Carbon Tax

The green religion knows no bounds, not even those suicidal !

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

How mad is the Australian Labor Party? How crazed with the global warming religion?


Labor was destroyed when the Gillard Government imposed a carbon tax.

CO2 TaxA carbon tax costs money and jobs but makes no measurable difference to global warming.

Global warming seems to have paused, with no real rise in atmospheric temperature for some 18 years.

The catastrophes predicted by global warming scientists have not emerged. We have not seen worse or more cyclones, we have not seen falls in food harvests, we have not seen an increase world wide in droughts.

Most low-lying islands once thought vulnerable to inundation through global warming are in fact stable or growing in size.

Some a few scientists now warn not of global warming but a mini ice age in 15 years.

So a carbon tax is electoral poison and a costly and useless response to a…

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