Something Is Happening, So It Must Be Due To Global Warming

Real Science

Global warming alarmist needed. Those with critical thinking skills need not apply

Global warming is having a devastating effect on bumblebees and could see them wiped out, scientists have warned.

Unlike other insects the heavyweight bees, which play a vital role in pollination, are not migrating further north in search of cooler places to live as their southern territory heats up.

The study of 67 species shows that over the past 110 years bumblebees have lost about 185 miles from the southern edge of their living space in Europe and North America.

Global warming ‘killing off bees’ because they are not migrating north | Daily Mail Online

If it was due to global warming, the bees would be migrating north. Obviously that is not what is happening.  Perhaps they could have talked to someone who actually knows something about bumblebees?

Bumblebees are being killed by agricultural eradication of wildflowers.

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Why bees…

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