Lessons from Germany’s Wind Power Disaster

A must read on the devastating and catastrophic failure of Germany’s ‘energiewende’.

Green centralised planning, like central economic planning of socialist regimes gone by has failed with devastating results…


crystal-ball Want a dark & dismal future? Then follow the Germans.


All lies and promises – the wind industry has finally been rumbled in Germany and is about to be shown the door in Australia.

The wind industry and its parasites have been guilty of more than just a little hubris.  Claiming to be able to deliver cheap, reliable sparks was always going to be their undoing. Gradually, Europeans are waking up to the unassailable fact that wind power is based on a technology that was redundant before it began.

No modern economy can run with electricity delivered at crazy, random intervals.  To compensate for that meteorological fact, Germany is flat out building more coal fired power stations – not less.  Around the globe the wind industry promises to displace “dirty” coal fired power and Germany is no exception. But the reality is very different: the facts have finally…

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