Has NOAA / NCDC’s Tom Karl repealed the Laws of Thermodynamics?

Excellent read.

Tom Karl rounded on me and hissed, “How do you expect to be taken seriously?”

“I don’t,” I said. “I expect the data to be taken seriously.”

Spot-on Lord Monckton! And the data is not being taken seriously by the likes of global warming activist agencies; NOAA, NCDC … and NASA who are butchering and torturing aka ‘homogenising’ data to fit the ‘global warming’ narrative.

Meanwhile unadjusted, un-homogenised raw satellite data (RSS, UAH), that criss-cross every inch of the globe 24/7, show NO WARMING in over 18 years, and slight cooling this century…

Who really are the real (data) ‘deniers’ ? ….

Watts Up With That?

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Tom Karl’s paper (Karl et al. 2015) purporting to abolish the global-warming pause, recently published in Science, may be partly my fault.I first ran across the National Climatic Data Center’s (NCDC) accident-prone director in a Congressional hearing room in about 2009, when I was the witness for the Republicans, Karl for the Democrats.

I showed the energy and environment committee a graph showing the mean of the temperature anomalies from the three terrestrial and two satellite datasets. The graph showed that in the first eight years of the 21st century the Earth had cooled:


Representative Joe Barton of Texas, the formidable Republican ranking member of the House climate committee, feigned astonishment. He rounded on Karl and said: “You and other officials have made repeated appearances before this committee in recent months, telling us over and over again about “global warming”. Not one…

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