A Pattern Of Repeated Fraud By Climate Scientists

By removing the 18+ year global warming “pause” (the giant elephant in the AGW room), the trashing of climate science and perhaps all ‘science’ is finally complete. All in the name of ideology, reputations and political agenda.

To not adjust the inputs of overheated computer models to match observed data, but rather adjust decades of observed, real-world data to match the computer models, is all that needs to be ‘observed’ to see the in-your-face-fraud these government scientists are undertaking.

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Real Science

In 1769, Joseph Priestley warned that scientists overly attached to a favorite hypothesis would not hesitate to “warp the whole course of nature.

There was never any question about the existence of the Medieval Warm Period. This graph was in the 1990 IPCC Report

ScreenHunter_505 Jun. 15 19.25

Scientists have known about the MWP for centuries.

In the Swiss Alps the ice line has invaded summits formerly covered with magnificent forests, of which the massive trunks and sturdy roots are still found in situ.

Iceland and Eastern Greenland have become much colder since the fourteenth century; for in the former large trees have ceased to grow, while on the opposite shores of the latter a great number of valleys, once inhabited, are now completely inaccessible, owing to the intrusion of glaciers.


ScreenHunter_1203 Jul. 21 22.28

05 Oct 1950 – Weather Theory Debunked History Gives Lie To Cycles

ScreenHunter_1221 Jul. 22 06.39


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