This Afternoon’s Climate Fraud Award – Goes To UCLA And The LA Times

Real Science

Check out this spectacular fraud published by UCLA in the Journal of Climate

ScreenHunter_9301 May. 15 16.32 “The most important message we want to convey is that it really depends on each scenario we choose — whether we keep on putting carbon dioxide in the air,” said Fengpeng Sun, the lead author of the UCLA study published in the Journal of Climate. “We should probably prefer new energy, like solar or wind, and try to be not be so addicted to gasoline.”

Number of days with temperatures above 95°F to soar in L.A. County – LA Times

Ojai is a small town 10 miles northwest of the LA sprawl.

ScreenHunter_9304 May. 15 17.08

Ninety-five degree days there were much more common in the 1920’s when CO2 was lower. The UCLA study started their trend in 1981, near the coolest point of the 20th century, after 50 years of plummeting temperatures.

ScreenHunter_9299 May. 15 16.30

The other half of their treachery is using downtown LA as…

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