Response Time Of Climate Scientists Identified

Real Science

Seven years ago, I wrote this article in The Register

ScreenHunter_8789 Apr. 28 22.16Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered • The Register

Walt Meier and Mark Death Spiral Serreze got hysterical over this and started trashing “breathtakingly ignorant” me all over the Internet. I went back and forth with NSIDC people for years pointing out how ridiculous their forecasts and analysis is.

Seven years and tens of millions of dollars later, climate scientists finally begin to figure it out.

ScreenHunter_8788 Apr. 28 22.10

Research Highlight: Arctic Sea Ice Loss Likely To Be Reversible | Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

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Making (non)sense of climate denial

“It is clear from all this that Cook et al. are UNFCCC/IPCC ideologues. There is nothing wrong per se with ideology; it is the ideologues that are the problem – absence of doubt, intolerance of debate, appeal to authority, desire to convince others of the ideological “truth”, and a willingness to punish those that don’t concur. They need to look in the mirror and understand their own motivated reasoning.” ….

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

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I’m wondering how we can inoculate ourselves and broader public from the latest nonsense from John Cook: an online MOOC Making Sense of Climate Denial.

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