Al Gore On The Money

Al called his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.

I agree, especially with the lower troposphere showing no global warming for over half of the entire satellite temperature record…

The RSS satellite crisscrosses the entire planet 24 hours a day, measuring the temperature of the lower troposphere. – The area where global warming is supposed to be measured.

RSS does not measure homogenised, Urban Heat Island surface temperatures measured by thermometers five feet from the asphalt. i.e. NASA’s GISS temp.

1976 : CIA Warned That Global Cooling Will Bring Drought, Starvation, Social Unrest And Political Upheaval

C.I.A. 1976 : Global cooling will cause “social unrest.”

Global Warmed America 2015 : #BaltimoreRiots

Real Science

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MAJOR world climate changes were under way that would cause economic and political upheavals “almost beyond comprehension”, an internal report of the Central Intelligence Agency has warned the US Government.

“The new climatic era brings a promise of famine and starvation to many areas of the world”, the report warns.

Its basic premise is that the world’s climate is cooling and will revert to conditions prevalent between 1600 and 1850 — when the earth’s population was less than 1,000 million and its rural, pre-industrial era civilisations were largely capable of feeding themselves.

A return to cooler temperatures in today’s fragile, . interdependent global economic structure would mean that India, China and the Soviet Union’ — among other northern hemisphere nations — will be hard pressed to feed their populations.

The report notes that’ “the change of climate is cooling some significant agricultural areas and causing drought in others. If, for example, there, is a northern…

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