1970 – Scientists Blamed Low Antarctic Sea Ice Extent On CO2

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In 1970, scientists blamed low Antarctic sea ice extent on CO2.

ScreenHunter_95 Apr. 19 21.11

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – Google Books

Now they blame high Antarctic sea ice extent on CO2.

NOAA said in a news release Tuesday that “as counterintuitive as expanding winter Antarctic sea ice may appear on a warming planet, it may actually be a manifestation of recent warming.

NOAA: Record Antarctic Sea Ice Growth Linked To Its Staggering Loss Of Land Ice | ThinkProgress

If the ice wasn’t changing, that would also be blamed on CO2.

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NCDC Hiding The Decline In US Temperatures By Data Tampering

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US thermometer data used by the National Climatic Data Center, shows that afternoon temperatures have dropped sharply over the past 95 years. This doesn’t suit their global warming agenda or funding needs, so they simply alter the data to make the long-term US cooling trend appear to be warming, and release the altered data to the public.

USHCNReportedVsMeasured Reported : ushcn.tmax.latest.FLs.52i.tar.gz
Measured : ushcn.tmax.latest.raw.tar.gz

They accomplish this reversal of US trends through a spectacular hockey stick of adjustments, which they don’t ever mention in their state of the climate press releases.

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Altering data to actually reverse a trend (and not prominently making clear that is what you are doing) would get someone immediately fired and likely prosecuted in most industries, but in US government climate science it is just business as usual.

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