Global Warming Is A Religion

I’m currently vacationing on an island off Bali called Lembongan for a friends birthday.
Relaxed discussion turned to how much humidity exists in the tropics versus elsewhere.
Normal weather talk turned to how much snow the NE of America has received this past winter. And how cold the past four winters have been.

8 of the 9 present (me being the 9th) all agreed this was a direct sign of “global warming”. One added “climate change” but all agreed on “global warming”.

Further, the “global warming” case was backed up by one, in that the huge increase in Antarctic ice causing penguins to “die”.

I kid you not.

I added with correction “climate change you probably mean”, but the table shut me down knowing my ‘sceptical’ stance. I simply tried to give them a way out of believing that cold is caused by hot.

The scam is so sophisticated that even people I know well blame freezing, record breaking winters, 8 foot deep Great Lake ice, record Antarctic ice and 8 feet of Boston snow etc etc on not “climate change”, but as a sign of “global warming”.

Forest fires were a big hit. But explanations that they, hurricanes and tornadoes are at record lows were greeted with scorn and venomous disbelief.

When people you know well confuse cold with hot with such ideological ease, I get completely blown away.

The scam is brilliant. Hot = cold. Wet = dry. Flood = drought. Man = evil.

Real Science

Freeman Dyson (whom the New York Times describes as “infinitely smart”) says global warming is a religion

ScreenHunter_8667 Apr. 17 07.24

ScreenHunter_8666 Apr. 17 07.24Freeman Dyson: By the Book –

The head of the IPCC agrees.


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