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The US Park Service says that there are twenty thousand Golden Eagles in the western US

The most recent survey of Golden Eagles  across four large Bird Conservation  Regions (BCRs) in the West (80 percent  of the species’ range in the lower 48  states is in these BCRs) provided an  estimate of 20,722 Golden Eagles of all  ages across the survey area.

The Altamont Pass wind farm kills one Golden Eagle every three days, which means they have killed more than 10% of the population.

Dr. Shawn Smallwood’s 2004 study, spanning four years, estimated that California’s Altamont Pass wind “farm” killed an average of 116 Golden Eagles annually (2). This adds up to 2,900 dead “goldies” since it was built 25 years ago.

US windfarms kill 10-20 times more than previously thought | Save the Eagles International

Greens want to put these impenetrable death traps up all over the…

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Settled Science Update

Real Science

Climate alarmists tell us that global warming is occurring both faster and slower than expected

ScreenHunter_8603 Apr. 16 00.14

Is Global Warming Happening Faster Than Expected?: Scientific American

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The Pacific Ocean has been slowing global warming down. That could be about to change – The Washington Post

The two claims cancel out, and produce no warming at all.

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